Thompson's Tuesday

Hi everybody, I was going to talk about how much snow we got out here in Colorado. I was going to talk about Christmas. I was even thinking about talking about the Denver Broncos and everything that happened this past weekend, but aside from the terrible loss the Bronco family has endured, New Year's eve night I found out some things that have hit pretty hard.

For the respect of my friend and his family, I'm going to keep their identity out of this article, but for those of you who know me and may already know, I think you'll all agree with me in saying that I'm sorry to this friend and I hope that everything ends that way it should.

Ok everybody, New Year's eve night, just hanging out and you will all, well I'm not sure all, be interested in knowing that I didn't take a sip of alcohol. I drove as a matter of fact. SO HA!

Anyway, I'm just hanging out with Kristen and a few friends and a buddy of mine that I played baseball with back in high school was there, well, actually, several guys that I played with were there and several weak pathetic players that I played against were there as well. In fact, one of them I beaned in the back of the neck, so, yeah, it was a different night to begin with.

As the night goes on, my friend and I are reminiscing old times and stuff and then I start asking about other guys we played together with and how they were doing. All was normal and well with the names I was throwing out and all the stories until I named one guy.

One friend that he and I were both close with when we played together and he was just a great guy. From me saying his name, and my buddy filling me in, I went from happy to pretty damn sad and shocked. He goes on to tell me that this friend of ours is in need of support and prayers. Not because he lost his job, or broke up with a girlfriend or just didn't get into that college that he wanted. No, its because his brother passed recently, his mother is fatally ill with brain cancer, and he, after being so distraught at the fact that he just lost a family member, got into an accident and is now in a coma.

I didn't really know what to say last night and im still at a loss now. In fact, I'm not sure if its ever been done and I really don't care, but I would like to take a short moment of silence for my friend and his family.....

Thank you all for doing that for me if you did. I just don't know what to do or say, I mean this was all this month, I mean I just don't know. I just don't know what this means. I just don't know how, "everything happens for a reason" can apply here. I'm finding harder and harder to understand the plan for my friend. I feel like there are so many questions that I want answered and though I have the best friends and family for those answers, I just don't know how it could be explained to me. I feel very lost and I just hope all of you will spend the rest of your lives loving those who are close to you and never taking them for granted.

Yea, I know your team may have lost this weekend or whatever, but soak it up, at least you have your health.

Please, once more, pray for my friend and his family and also for Darrent Williams' family – if you all don't know already, Darrent was gunned down this past weekend by a bunch of low life waste of space loser pieces of you know what. I want you to know whoever you are out there that I hope when it comes back around to get you, you get it a million times worse. Karma is a bitch.

For those of you who aren't the skidmarks and buttnuggets of this world, please have a great start to a new year and I'll be back next week...

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