Tool Time: Best Raw Speed

Clock them in the sixty and it clear who has the best straight-line speed. It starts with explosion and a late burst sends foot to bag before the ball reaches the mitt. These San Diego Padres' prospects are the fastest in the land.

1. Luis Durango

It almost seems like Durango is out of the batter's box before his bat touches the ball. He is somewhat raw in his basestealing ability and still learning to read pitchers. He has been timed at 6.30 in the 60-yard dash.

Durango has an explosive first step and reaches full speed quickly. He is the fastest baserunner in the system and could be a candidate to steal 40-plus bags on a regular basis in the coming years.

2. Juan Ciriaco

Perhaps a surprise ranking, Ciriaco is extremely quick out of the gate and turned in an impressive 6.40 in the 60-yard dash.

His one problem has been reaching base consistently to make use of his outstanding speed. He simply doesn't get the opportunities that other players do.

3. Brett Dowdy

A throwback player, Dowdy has the speed to match his style of play. He goes hard all the time and takes advantage of a fielder's mistake like few others.

He also has exceptional straight line speed and can swipe quite a few bags. Dowdy clocked in at 6.55 in the 60-yard dash.

4. Javis Diaz

He has excellent speed in all areas of the game – out of the box, hitting a second gear when he needs to and showing a solid first step on stolen base opportunities.

The Padres will try to utilize his speed more in the coming years because of his excellent instincts on the bases and feel for a pitchers' delivery. He was clocked at 6.60 in the 60-yard dash.

5. Josh Howard

Watch out for this aggressive prospect. When his feet touch dirt he is out for the extra bag and often claims it.

His 6.60 sixty-yard dash speaks of his ability to get off the line and run to paydirt.

Also in consideration (alphabetical):

Yordany Ramirez

His most under-utilized tool happens to be his speed. He is an excellent baserunner that can change games but has not reached base often enough for it to be a factor. A tight hamstring limited him to a 6.70 60-yard dash, but he has been timed at 6.50 at full health.

As such, he is somewhat raw in his usage of it but a higher average will make him a prince of thieves. He could be swiping 40-plus bags a year with his tools, as long as his average cooperates.

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