Tool Time: Best Defensive Pitchers

Save a run with the glove – stabbing a liner out of the air. Quick snap throw and a runner is caught leaning. Solid defensive pitchers have an easier job and these San Diego Padres' prospects help their own cause with defensive handiwork.

1. Sean Thompson

Not only does he have the best pickoff move in the system – he has picked off 35 from first base in the last two years alone – but he is also an adept fielder.

Thompson's delivery puts him into great fielding position and he pounces on bunts with an eye on the lead runner. He can spear grounders and liners and saves himself runs.

2. Matt Buschmann

An athletic specimen, Buschmann is light on his feet and moves well around the pitcher's mound. He has quick instincts and a good glove.

The right-hander is one of the best at covering first base and has a firm grasp of his responsibilities as a fielder on the mound.

3. Stephen Faris

He played infield in high school and as a ground ball pitcher he understands the importance of fielding his position well.

He comes off the break of the bat well and always looks to make a play with the glove.

4. Cesar Ramos

A solid pickoff move from the lefty is supplemented by good handiwork with the glove.

He comes out in good fielding position and jumps on bunts, looking toward the lead runner. He is smart and will take the safe play.

5. Richie Daigle

The former outfielder sets up his fielding by coming off the mound in good position.

He does not rush the play and is very sure-handed. He has a good first step and can read the ball off the bat better than most.

Also in consideration:

Pablo Menchaca
The biggest man on the list, Menchaca is surprisingly agile and quick with his glove.

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