Tool Time: Best Right-Handed Swing

A mix of finesse and power, the trigger pulled, a slice through the zone – the clean stroke of a right-handed swing. These San Diego Padres' prospects offer up the best from the right side of the dish.

1. David Freese

When you think of a power hitting stance, Freese comes to mind. He has a combination of balance from his crouched stance and explosion to get the bat head through the hitting zone.

He doesn't have tremendous lift on his swing but squares the ball up and makes quality contact to send lasers to the deepest part of the field.

2. Matt Antonelli

A classic combination of batting that an instruction video could be made out of. He holds his hands in a natural hitting position with his elbow high to give him a quick trigger through the zone.

Add in his impeccable plate discipline and you have a professional hitter. He can reach nearly any ball near the plate and as he learns his true strike zone will become even better.

3. Chad Huffman

Built around a solid base and batting eye, Huffman has a loose swing that doesn't appear to create much tension in his body but does the job.

His movements are fluid and he has a thorough understanding of a pitchers gameplan. His cudgel flies through the strike zone with deadly effectiveness on a level plane.

4. Kyle Blanks

With the bat resting on his shoulders as the windup transpires, Blanks appears nonchalant. But that bat head blasts through the zone with his incredibly strong hands.

A level swing allows him to make solid contact and while he should hit for more power, he has a swing more conducive to line drives and the natural spin on the ball from his power causes the ball to dive down.

5. Yefri Carvajal

For a hitter so young, Carvajal has impressive balance and a quick trigger. He does not have much wasted movement and gets his hands through the zone quickly.

When the ball hits the bat there is a definitive crack that explains how well he has rotated his body to his the ball solidly.

Also in consideration (alphabetical):

Rayner Contreras
Leg trigger aside, Contreras is smooth as can be with his swing.

Daryl Jones
When Jones gets extension and picks the right pitch, he has the power of anyone in the system. Pitch selection is key.

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