Wade LeBlanc shares secrets, keeps others

Peoria, AZ-- Everyone has secrets. Wade LeBlanc simply has a few more than the rest. From leg kicks to changeups to pickoff moves, LeBlanc is a master at his craft – and let us in for a glimpse.

You have shown a high leg kick and a slide step with runners on base – is that to show them different looks and get them leaning?

Wade LeBlanc: Just to give them different looks. That's about all that is. It's a different timing for the runner.

What has been the key to a good pickoff move and do you feel you are tough to run on?

Wade LeBlanc: I don't know if there really is a key to a good pickoff move. It's just how the runner perceives it, maybe good perception. I think the biggest thing to slow down the running game is just to hold the ball and freeze the runners.

Lefties hit a little better off you than righties – do you approach them differently?

Wade LeBlanc: In the past I haven't been able to throw my changeup very effectively to left-handers. I think that's a big difference that I have going into this year is confidence in the changeup to a lefty hitter.

You have a couple of different changeups – is it the grip that changes and how do they differ in movement?

Wade LeBlanc: The grip is the same. It's hard to explain. I can't really give away all my secrets. Grip is the same, everything's the same, maybe a little tweak in my finger pressure here or there.

You were stingy with men in scoring position – how did your approach change?

Wade LeBlanc: It's just being competitive. Your competitive juices start flowing even more, your adrenaline gets going, and you realize that the teams are allowing you to shut the opponent down. I try to go out there and do my job and I realize my job gets tougher when guys get on base.

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