Minor league notebook: Two games

Peoria, AZ-- The San Diego Padres Low-A and High-A teams played a pair of games against the Kansas City Royals on Friday. One game ended as a heartbreaker and the other was a win – with both sporting solid output from the prospects on the farm.

With a 3-1 lead going into the top of the ninth, the Padres Low-A squad squandered the opportunity when Justin Mattison allowed three runs to their Kansas City Royal counterparts – two coming across on a deep triple to dead center that the centerfielder dove for but could not corral.

It didn't help that Jeremy Hunt tossed a ball away into left field on a potential double play, opting to go to first base and then throw to second to get the lead runner.

The Padres had a chance in the ninth inning. Luke Cannon – the man who was responsible for the Padres initial rally and score – got on with a leadoff single. After moving to third with one out, Rayner Contreras chopped a ball off the infield dirt and Cannon broke for home but was dead to rights when the shortstop tossed him out at home. Yefri Carvajal had one last chance with two outs but went down without a fight, striking out on a ball that nipped the outside corner.

Contreras notched the first two RBIs of the game, lacing a double that scored Cannon and prompted his teammates to say, "Way to go RBI man – Contreras."

Carvajal followed with a solid single to score a run.

Pablo Menchaca started the game with a leadoff walk that came around to score and once the Padres took the lead it seemed it would hold up.

"See what happens when you walk the leadoff man," Dave Rajsich scolded his fellow arms on the bench.

Tyler Mead looked impressive on the hill and seemed to be zipping it in faster than the 87 MPH that the radar gun read. He displayed a few nasty changeups that made the Royals look foolish. It took him six pitches to get through his first inning.

In the High-A game, the Padres won 9-5 and rolled an inning – Kansas City was getting pummeled and chose to keep the pitch count down on their prospect.

Tom King hit an opposite field double down the right field line to score two runs, showing better patience at the plate than he had during his initial campaign.

Cedric Hunter was locked in and rang a triple off the outfield wall in center and had another hit – every ball is tagged off his bat.

Daryl Jones looked relaxed at the plate and was responsible for a pair of hits, including at least one RBI. He did bounce into a double play and was visibly upset at wasting the at bat.

Craig Cooper is standing a little taller in the box these days and that has leveled his swing slightly. He still showed off the power with a double and an RBI and added an infield single later in the game.

In the Triple-A road game, the Padres rolled an inning – meaning Kansas City chose to go to the next frame because of a pitch count with San Diego prospects on every base and nobody out. The final score of the game was 10-6 Kansas City but the Padres would have likely tacked on a few runs, making the score as unofficial as it gets.

Drew Macias went 2-for-4 with a double off the eye in centerfield – just missing a homer. Chase Headley also rocked one off the top of the wall. Skip Adams cleared the confines of the stadium with a homer. Jared Wells was tattooed by a Royal prospect – the homer going well past the wall and clearing a section of lights, estimated to be over 450 feet from home.

Spring Notes:

Luis Durango suffered a wrist injury sliding back into first base on Friday. It was unclear if the ball tagged him or the first baseman stepped on his hand, but he was in considerable pain.

Chad Huffman pulled up limp while running his 60-yard dash this past week and has been nursing a sore hamstring. He is expected to be back in the lineup this weekend.

John Hussey was supposed to pitch on Friday but had to go to the doctor to have his chest examined. Nothing major but just a precaution – as Hussey explained, "I guess I am still going through puberty." He will pitch on Saturday.

Daryl Jones' arm is not 100 percent and he has a tough time with throws. He strained it but it has had no affect on his swing and his confidence looks way up.

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