Tool Time: Best Outfield Arm

A good arm can save runs. A good arm will stop players from taking that extra base. A good outfield arm is the neutralizer. And if they want to go – let them try.

1. Yordany Ramirez

It is amazing that people continue to challenge Ramirez. It was two years ago that he threw out 20 baserunners and he didn't play a full season.

Ramirez positions himself well and is in throwing position before the ball hits his mitt and his ball is accurate, hitting the cutoff man as appropriate.

2. Kyler Burke

Just short-season rookie ball completed, Burke flashed a tremendous arm that was deadly and accurate.

He has good hips to and sets his feet well to get the extra oomph and accuracy on his throws, utilizing his body to get the most out of the hurl.

3. Yefri Carvajal

While he is still learning to read the ball off the bat and positioning in the field, his arm casts no shadow of dobut.

His cannon not only has accuracy but tremendous speed as it is thrown on the line. While the motion takes a little longer to leave his hands the ball shoots out.

4. Drew Macias

A great technician in the outfield, Macias puts himself in the best position to make a play with his arm.

He is always coming into the ball, giving him the benefit of a strong first step towards the base he is throwing and that makes his tosses accurate as well.

5. Sam Carter

Showed solid skills defensively and a strong arm in his debut make him a candidate to rise. Sets up his throws by moving forward as he catches the ball.

While he played a lot of left field, Carter could transition to the right side and get the job done.

Also in consideration (alphabetical):

Jeremy Cleveland
A laser of an arm that is as good as any but he lacks some of the accuracy of those above him. Was being transitioned to catcher before an injury.

Chad Huffman
A former quarterback, Huffman has a terrific arm but lacks the body positioning to make it accurate.

Will Venable
Plants his feet well and moves towards the bag with each throw but does not have the extra arm that those above do.

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