Vince Sinisi puts his mind on the task

Wondering when it would all come back has its pitfalls. There is a mental stigma to hurdle and finally when the body feels good the hope is the mind follows. San Diego Padres' prospect Vince Sinisi looks at the pair and sees synchronicity for the first time.

It has been a struggle for Vince Sinisi over the last few years. On the brink of being among the deceased from infection, the outfielder held onto the notion that he could successfully play the game he loves.

In June of 2004, almost three years ago, Sinisi suffered a complex fracture of his left forearm. A plate in his arm, many surgeries battling infection that almost claimed his life, kept him out of the game for nearly a year.

The 2005 off-season, therefore, wasn't a healthy one. He was still in the process of regaining strength. Acquired in an early season trade, Sinisi went on to play in 102 games in Double-A Mobile and showed increasing power numbers as the year went on, hitting seven bombs in July and August after getting blanked in May and June.

The table was set. Sinisi realized he was returning to form – and was thankful for a healthy outlook heading into 2007.

"It was good to make it through a whole season, finally. I went into last season trying to get strong and continue to gain back that which I lost in the year I got hurt."

Imagining losing your left arm for almost a year and working it back into shape – while playing baseball. The effects were a loss of stamina and energy. Yet, Sinisi still managed to improve as the long season in a hot and humid town wore on.

Despite some struggles, he was content with his .269 average in the Southern League and felt he was driving the ball well with his smooth left-handed swing.

He went out to the Arizona Fall League and made some slight changes to his swing, incorporating the things that made him successful before the injury and mending things he felt he changed to compensate after the injury.

"I played with some things when I was out here in the fall league," Sinisi explained. "Just watching some film, getting back to where I was a few years ago. The biggest adjustment was with the hands but for the most part it is the same as it always has been."

His mentality has changed as well. Sinisi felt he was getting passive last season and missing out on chances to drive in runs.

While he hit well with runners in scoring position – close to .300 – Sinisi was under the impression that his pitch selection faltered, and he also came to the understanding that he has to up his RBI totals to be considered for a major league job.

"Numbers-wise I have my own set goals, things I want to accomplish," Sinisi began. "The biggest thing from this year to last year is trying to improve on driving guys in and taking advantage of the opportunities when runners are in scoring position."

Given the number of hurdles he has already cleared, this one should prove nothing more than a bump in the road.

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