Padres Prospect Interview: Rey Garramone

Peoria, AZ-- Rey Garramone ended last season with three earned runs allowed over his final 17.2 innings, capping his first season in the Padres system as a draft-and-follow signee. He is currently in extended spring training, working on mechanics and working ahead in the count.

One of the things from last year that you did was fall off a little bit - how has that and your overall mechanics improved?

Rey Garramone: They've improved a lot. We've been working during instructs and during spring training. Razor always told me just keep my alignment and that's all I've been really working on. It's looking a lot better, so I really improved on that.

What was the off-season like for you after a long season?

Rey Garramone: It was good just to go home, have a little break, hang out with all the family and stuff and just get back to it. It was really cold in Denver so I couldn't really work out, but I'd go inside a college and throw with one of my friends. It was a good off-season.

Was there a specific goal in mind that you wanted to improve upon coming into the year?

Rey Garramone: Yeah, I just want to be more effective. Last year, I know, I fell behind a lot of hitters. I let a lot of leadoff hitters on base. And that's why I got hurt – when the leadoff guy got on. So I want to improve on that and improve my mechanics, throw strikes, get a changeup. I didn't have a great changeup last year; it got a lot better this year. That's the kind of stuff I'm trying to improve on.

Are you of the mindset that you will be a reliever now or is the hope to get back into the starting rotation?

Rey Garramone: They haven't told me what I'm going to be, but during spring training and during extended I've been starting, so right now my mindset is that I'm going to be a starter. That's what I really want to be. If I'm not, no big deal, but I think I'm a better starter than reliever.

You were working on your changeup in Instructs - how has that improved and do you feel like you will be able to use it versus lefties and righties?

Rey Garramone: It's improved a lot. I feel more comfortable throwing it. That's the way I think it improved – I'll just throw it any time now. Before, I wasn't able to throw it to anybody, so I think it's getting better. It's improving a lot. So I think I'll be throwing it to either batter, but I think I throw it to lefties a lot better because it sinks down and away from them. So, to a lefty I feel a little bit more comfortable throwing it.

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