Portland Beavers Sold to Shortstop, LLC

Portland, OR— Despite a nearly nonexistent history with baseball, Merritt Paulson will do just fine in Portland-- he's an environmentalist.

The new owner of the Portland Beavers, along with his wife Heather, current Beavers general manager Jack Cain, Padres general manager Kevin Towers, Padres CEO Sandy Alderson, PCL President Branch Rickey, and other guests came together in a press conference Tuesday morning to announce that the Portland Beavers and Portland Timbers have been sold to Shortstop, LLC., of which Merritt Paulson is the manager.

Paulson clearly stated his aims to build "the rich baseball and soccer tradition in Portland with a focus on community involvement" and to make "PGE Park the preeminent destination for family entertainment in Portland."

Since Paulson is a rookie to minor league baseball administration, Corey Busch will act as his Advisor. Busch's experience in the field includes 14 years as executive vice president of the San Francisco Giants. Busch has been Paulson's overseer throughout the negotiation and purchase process.

Paulson started considering his purchase of the Beavers and Timbers in the Fall of 2006, around the same time his attempt to bring a minor league baseball team to Sonoma, CA fell through.

"I didn't know that Portland was a possibility." said Paulson, attributing the dissolution of the Sonoma deal to a "fortuitous confluence of events" that shifted his sights northward from California to Oregon.

Paulson, just 34-years old, has extensive experience in consumer and sports marketing. Most recently he has been the Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development at NBA Entertainment.

Before seeing the light and jumping into the field of sports, Paulson earned his MBA at Harvard, was part of a high-speed wireless venture, and worked for HBO. While stating that "we're in this for the long haul", Paulson is obviously prone to career changes. Therefore, another sale of the Beavers and Timber in the next few years would not come as a shock.

Due to nondisclosure agreements Paulson was unable to discuss the financial terms of the transaction. He also stated it was too early on to determine what, if any, shifts would be made with the Beavers' and Timbers' staff.

Press Conference Notes:

- Merritt Paulson's father is Henry Paulson, the current Secretary of Treasury for the United States. Henry Paulson holds a minority share of Shortstop, LLC and will hold a minority share of the Portland Beavers and Portland Timbers.

- Other attendees of the press conference included Padres vice president of scouting and player development Grady Fuson, and Padres assistant general manager Fred Uhlman, Jr.

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