Padres Draft Interview: Christian Colon

His name wasn't called until the tenth-round but Christian Colon isn't worried about when he was picked. He simply wants his needs met or he will hop on the train that heads to Cal-State Fullerton. The San Diego Padres selected Colon and he indicated the Friars might just be willing to keep him from going to college.

Talk a little bit about being taken by the Padres. While it may not have been where you wanted to go – what is the feeling?

Christian Colon: I stayed at home yesterday and wasn't drafted. I got the call in the third-round but turned it down and said, ‘Well, it looks like I am going to college.' I went to school today and got a call from the Padres and they told me they took me. I said, ‘Oh, cool. Maybe they are willing to pay me what I want.' I wanted top two round money and talked to my advisors who said they were willing to pay some money. So, that is pretty cool. After that, I was way excited. It didn't matter what round but is about what I wanted.

I got a chance to see you down at the AFLAC All-American game here in San Diego and you obviously had a great game and won the MVP Award. It was the total package – talk about your skills and how it has evolved over the last year.

Christian Colon: I have gotten stronger and faster. My main tools have always been defense and hitting and just knowing the game. There is always room for improvement to get stronger and faster and doing the little things. I did some of that over the last year and still have to continue to improve in a lot of areas. I am excited. No matter what happens I know I will be better down the road.

Money aside, how do you view development by either signing and working professionally versus going to college to learn your baseball there?

Christian Colon: I think going to professional baseball you are going to learn so much because you are with a pro team and coaching staff. It is going to be great. At the same time, going to college is the same thing. To me, pro baseball has a little bit more to it but not by a lot. If you go to college, you still have a chance to get bigger, get stronger, and do your thing. Obviously the pros offer a little more.

That is why I picked (Cal State). They help players get better and be more ready for the big leagues. That is why I committed there.

Do you feel like it is tough to be a switch-hitter these days because you really have to maintain two separate swings?

Christian Colon: It is. I started switch-hitting when I was a sophomore and was on-and-off with it. Most of the time I hit right-handed. I am going to start hitting left-handed more – doing it all the time.

What is it about the game of baseball that you love so much?

Christian Colon: Everything about it. It has always been my dream to play for a pro team and get to the big leagues. I think since I started playing that is all I wanted to do. That is why I play. I play for the love of the game.

Is there one area of your game that stands out as your best attribute?

Christian Colon: I would say my hitting and my defense.

I have seen some scouting reports that say you might have to move from shortstop to second base. What do you say to people who have that opinion?

Christian Colon: I think I will be a shortstop. I have the arm strength to stay there. I have an above average arm. I feel comfortable at shortstop. They are going to see. If the team needs me to move I will do that but I don't think it will be a problem.

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