Lake Elsinore Storm post-game quotebook

San Diego, CA-- Seven different players and coaches from the Lake Elsinore Storm weighed in after the team battled to a 9-9 tie in 10 innings with the San Jose Giants.

Outfielder Yordany Ramirez

Talk a little bit about roaming the outfield in PETCO Park:

It is a big place. You feel so comfortable. There is plenty of room to use your speed to catch the ball. I hopefully will be coming to play here in a couple years.

You guys battled back twice and one of the big factors in the game were your two stolen bases. Talk about this team's willingness to fight.

We never give up. We play to win the game. When we have a situation like that we don't even think about it. We just play and play to win and score the runs.

Second baseman Matt Antonelli

You were down in the count 1-2 yet seemed to have a good beat on the homer you hit in the first inning – first at bat in a live game at PETCO Park.

I think he threw a slider the pitch before so he threw back-to-back and I had better timing on the second one and squared it up.

What was the experience like playing on this field?

It was fun. It was a pretty crazy game we got to play. We got 10 innings to do it in. It was nice to play in a big league park.

When you were drafted you came down here to take some batting practice. What was that experience like?

When I first got drafted I flew down here and took BP and ground balls. It was cool. It was nice to play a real game on (the field).

You have hit nine homers this season after not going deep once last year. What is the difference?

Last year was a learning experience. I was fixing a few things and working on stuff. That was more of me changing things up for this year. This year I made a few adjustments with balls going out of the park a little bit more.

Outfielder Mike Baxter

What was it like for you to play in this stadium and had you ever been to San Diego before?

It was the first time I have ever really seen the park. It is the first time I have ever been to San Diego. To get in the game was even better.

Were you impressed with the condition of the field and was it better than the Diamond?

It is nice but they do a nice job in Lake Elsinore too. I can't hate on those guys.

First baseman Kyle Blanks

Five homers hit today in a stadium that isn't known for the long ball. Were you surprised?

We play in a pretty good sized park ourselves and seems a bit bigger than this, but I have not really heard much about this place. I was not surprised to see a few go out. We have a bunch of really good hitters.

All of them were pretty good shots.

Was it frustrating for you to have this game end in a tie and now you have to come back tomorrow and play the game in Lake Elsinore still tied up?

It is frustrating to have it cut off with a fresh start on a new day. There were a lot of positives came out – we erased two leads and played good baseball.

You come to PETCO Park just looking to have a good showing and then end up reaching base five times with three walks and two extra base hits. Talk a little about the day.

I will take it – on base. At the start of the game I was seeing the ball really well and thought I could do really good today.

Starting pitcher Brent Carter

The ball was leaving the yard quite often tonight and this isn't a park that traditionally sees a lot of homers. What are your thoughts on that?

I think that is mainly at night. It is just like at Lake Elsinore. During the day, the ball flied there but at night it is dead air. That did not seem to be the case today.

You have given up a lot of homers over the last few games – starting when you gave up five a few weeks back. Up until that point you had never allowed multiple homes in a game and now it has happened three times.

The five-game – the wind was gusting wildly. One of those was probably gone but the other four probably weren't. After that – it is the monkey you are trying to get off your back. You just want a game with no home runs.

The last three or four games my ball has not had much life on it. The reason why I was able to survive seven today because I was trusting my cutter. This is the most I have thrown it all year. If it wasn't there, I am not lasting past four.

Are you working with pitching coach Steve Webber on the cutter then?

I am working on it in bullpens, flat grounds, any chance I can get. (Pitching coach Steve Webber) said until you get your life back why don't you try throwing it a few times. I did and it was real successful.

Third baseman David Freese

You homered tonight to tie the game at ten. Are you going to be requesting the game tape?

I don't know. Hopefully that is not the last one I hit here.

At the start of the day you were 0-for-3 with two strikeouts and then turned it on with three hits from the seventh inning on.

It looked like it was going to be a terrible day. That is why you go up there and stay focused and just fight every pitch.

Manager Carlos Lezcano

Were you surprised your team was able to hit three home runs in this park?

They can swing it. It was during the day. I think at night the ball doesn't travel as well. A couple of those would have gone out at night too.

This two erased several deficits. Talk about that trait the team has.

We had a lead and they came back and they got the lead twice and we came back twice. To leave out of here with a tie and be the home team – I will take it.

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