Padres Draft Interview: Brian Joynt

The San Diego Padres went back to the well in Friday's draft, taking a player they originally selected back in 2004 – taking a flier on Brian Joynt in round 50. He hopped up 21 rounds this season and credits maturity with his ascension.

Talk about being picked by the San Diego Padres.

Brian Joynt: They picked me in 2004 as a draft-and-follow and I guess getting picked up by them again makes me feel pretty good that they wanted me again. They have an idea of who I am and I like the ballclub too.

It was the 50th round last time so you moved up quite nicely.

Brian Joynt: Exactly. I was a lot younger then and have matured quite a bit these last two seasons. A lot of hard work paid off.

What was it that you learned. You say you matured but what was it from a baseball standpoint that stands out for you?

Brian Joynt: There are so many big bumps in the road. Some people take them in different ways. I had a really bad junior year and have matured from it, learned quite a bit and came back and had a great year my senior year. I think if I had went to professional ball I don't know if I could have handled it with the support I had at the university level. That helped me along the road.

You hit as many homers as you had strikeouts. That is probably pretty rare.

Brian Joynt: I was seeing the ball pretty good this year. I would have liked to have less strikeouts but you can't really help the umpires.

Do you consider yourself to be a prototypical power hitter or what is your game?

Brian Joynt: I would consider myself an all-around hitter. I can hit for batting average and hit some home runs. I batted .438 on the year with 18 home runs. I was up there on the team for batting average and home runs. I would consider myself just an all-around hitter.

Have you looked within the system at third base? That position would seem to be one of the strengths.

Brian Joynt: I really haven't but I did hear from a few people that they were looking for first base/third base type guys. Looking at the draft they did not pick up too many and I have not looked at it too much. I had not heard if they were strong or not.

You mentioned first base in the equation – where do you profile best on the infield?

Brian Joynt: They actually drafted me as a first baseman in '04. They picked me as a first baseman this year. I can move around and have some versatility and can play a couple of different positions.

Third base I have played for three years and it is still a little new to me. I have adjusted quite a bit and feel pretty good over there.

What do you look forward to most going into professional baseball?

Brian Joynt: Playing a game for a living. It is a childhood dream and now I get to experience it. I am having a great time and really enjoying it.

You also stole seven bags this year. Is speed something that may be a little deceptive but you still possess?

Brian Joynt: I am not lightning quick but if I have to take a bag on someone I will take a bag. I can turn the jets on once and a while, but I am not that leadoff speed they are looking for. I have a little bit of deceptive speed, yes.

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