Padres Draft Interview: Anthony Renteria

With his dad, Rick Renteria, managing Triple-A Portland, some believed the selection of Anthony Renteria in the 32nd-round was a simple courtesy. The truth is it was anything but, and his dad could play a pivotal role in whether he signs.

Talk about being picked by the Padres, whether they were interested in you before the draft and how you are feeling now?

Anthony Renteria: The pick was actually a surprise. I got called to go for a workout, a pre draft workout with them. I did really well in the workout, and then after that I ended up getting drafted by them, and that's how it all just kind of happened.

Being a high school player, can you talk about the difficultly between choosing between college and professional ball?

Anthony Renteria: Yeah, absolutely. The big, big, big difference is that going to play professional baseball would be to do what I love doing. It is something that you want to pursue, you really want to go and continue your career, and decide if its something you want to do with your life. But, choosing between that and college – college gives you your education. That gets put at stake there – where I could possibly get a degree and stuff like that. And playing professionally, I might get hurt, and have to start all over. Whereas going to college, I wouldn't have to. I would just get my education and go from there.

Your father, Rick, is the manager for the San Diego Padres Triple A affiliate. What influence has he had on your decision to sign or to play pro ball?

Anthony Renteria: Well, he has a large influence, because he really knows the system well. He knows everything that goes on, all the negatives and all the positives. And he is pretty much the main factor in whether I decide to go or not.

Can you talk about your game, at the plate and in the field?

Anthony Renteria: I'm the type of player that is really aggressive. I play 100 percent. I play as hard as I can all the time in the field. And hitting wise, I just really zone in on my pitch, and I really try when I get that pitch to hit it as well as I can.

Are you able to move around from position to position in the outfield or are you mainly a centerfielder?

Anthony Renteria: Actually, I can move from position to position. I used to play infield a lot, and everywhere in the outfield. I know I can play each position really well, with consistency at each one. I can pretty much switch out at every position.

When dissecting your game, do you feel there is an area you would call a weakness or something in your game that needs a little improvement?

Anthony Renteria: One of the biggest things for me is learning how to just calm down and just let my skills take over. Because usually I have a tendency to get really excited. When I am having a lot of fun out there, I get too excited and then it kind of gets to me.

What is your best baseball moment? What sticks out for you?

Anthony Renteria: Probably this moment – getting drafted is probably the biggest moment in my career as of right now. I think that that is going to be it until something else happens.

Who was your favorite team and favorite player growing up?

Anthony Renteria: Actually my favorite team growing up was the Dodgers, I always liked the Dodgers since I was little. I really haven't had a favorite player. It has changed from player to player. I like Jason Bay, Ken Griffey Jr. Usually, a lot of the outfielders I tend to like more.

What is it about baseball that you love so much?

Anthony Renteria: I think just that it's the game, the competition, the playing, the wanting to win. It's just something that drives me, its just fun. A lot of people want to do this, and only a few can. And it's really just playing that I love.

Do you have any idea of the Padres farm system? Where do you think you fit in their system?

Anthony Renteria: I'm not too sure, but I think I would do well anywhere from the lower minor leagues all the way up to the upper. And I think I would have a pretty good time adjusting to it.

If you do start your professional career in baseball, what do you look forward to the most?

Anthony Renteria: Playing everything, that's the thing I am most excited about. Ever since I was little, the more games I played, it was a goal for me. I felt that playing professional ball, I would be able to do it everyday, and I think that would be the greatest thing ever.

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