Mat Latos postgame interview

Eugene, OR-- Mat Latos worked just three innings on Thursday evening, sporting a fastball that tipped the scales as high as 95 MPH – but it was an inconsistent three innings by Latos' estimation and an interesting one that included multiple attempts at pickoffs.

Talk about the outing and what was working for you and whether you felt comfortable out there.

Mat Latos: I felt all right. In the bullpen I threw really well, my slider and changeup were working. I got on the mound and was uncomfortable – the footing. I was just uncomfortable and you have to be comfortable on the mound. It wasn't there for me. I could have done a lot better.

You were pulled after three innings – was it a high pitch count for you today that got you yanked?

Mat Latos: My pitch count was up to 60. It was up high today. My slider was up in the zone and my changeup wasn't really working today. Sixty pitches in three innings. I am not too proud of that. But, what can you do. It is baseball. Day in and day out.

You threw over to first and even second base a number of times today. I was joking to a colleague saying that was why you were pulled after three innings since those throws counted against your pitch count. Is the pickoff move something you are working on specifically and it did pay off since you nailed the guy at second?

Mat Latos: We take notes as pitchers – we have little notebooks and those two guys (on the Mariners Everett team) are speedy guys who like to run and take big leads. It is mostly called by the coaches but I felt like a couple of times I would try and throw over to see if I could get them leaning. A couple of times they were leaning but we could not (pick them off) in time.

I admit I don't know much of the balk rules, but how hard is it not to balk as a right-hander going over to first base?

Mat Latos: It is not that hard. If you turn and not throw that is a balk. If you get rid of the ball and step off it is not a balk. It is easy to balk when you are a righty and lefties are a little bit different since they have that 45 degrees angle.

Editor's note: Latos pickoff move appeared to be a balk, as he double stepped with his front leg and also pivoted off his foot that was on the rubber and the rule does state a pitcher must step off the rubber before making his pivot. Hence the above questions gets its context.

Your fastball varied anywhere from 89 MPH to 95 MPH during the outing. Is that a good sign?

Mat Latos: Technically, no. Back in college I was 94-97 with some 98 and 99. It is mostly a strength thing on my part. I didn't really long toss and throw bullpens (after school ended) so I am still getting my strength back. Ninety-five is a good place to be sitting in my fifth outing. I am proud of it but body-wise I need to get more in shape.

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