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San Diego Padres pitcher Greg Maddux is a sure bet to be voted into the baseball Hall of Fame when he retires. In his 20 plus seasons in the major leagues the right-hander has garnered over 300 wins and captured four consecutive National League Cy Young awards from 1992-1995.'s George Von Benko caught up with Maddux recently.

Von Benko-- You signed a deal with San Diego during the off season - are you pleased with that decision?

Greg Maddux: Yeah, it's been great. I really had a good time in spring training and the first few months have been good. It's a good organization, good teammates and a great place to live.

Von Benko-- You got a couple of young guns in Jake Peavy and Chris Young on the Padres pitching staff, do you enjoy talking with the younger pitchers about pitching?

Greg Maddux: They're pretty good -- those guys got a real good idea about what they're doing out there, and I just try to stay out of their way and support them and let them do their thing.

Von Benko-- Do younger players still approach veteran players with questions about the game?

Greg Maddux: Hopefully, you lead by example. Peavy is not young - he's in his fifth season - so he's been around the block a few times.

Von Benko-- Peavy did mention that he enjoys talking about pitching with you.

Greg Maddux: That was nice of him. I like watching him pitch too. He's had a great start so far and a like to see him finish out the season like he started. It would be a really special year for him. Right now the young guys just need to establish themselves and do what they need to do to be more consistent.

Von Benko-- Do you still keep in contact with Tom Glavine and John Smoltz - your old teammates with the Braves? Smoltz just had a milestone with 200 wins and 150 saves.

Greg Maddux: That was pretty cool. I talk to Smoltz from time to time - I haven't kept in touch with Glavine a whole lot, but Smoltz was one of my favorite teammates and is the game's greatest golf coordinator and a good person. I still pull for him and still root for him, although Smoltz and Glavine have been pitching on the same day this year, which has been kind of good to hang out and watch them both pitch.

Von Benko-- Trevor Hoffman reached a special milestone with save number 500 - were you caught up in that?

Greg Maddux: Yeah, that's like a whole new milestone. That's one that's not been done before - I was excited to see it.

Von Benko - I know you don't like to talk about yourself and your accomplishments, but is there anything that you sit back and say that was pretty cool that I did that?

Greg Maddux: I think facing my brother Mike was one. I think the chance to play in a World Series was another. Hitting a home run is another and the best thing for me is the overall experience from the plane rides, going to the park everyday, and meeting guys from not only around the country but around the world. Just being a part of the life for so long.

Von Benko-- You are still going strong. Are you taking it from year-to-year now?

Greg Maddux: I'm year-to-year, I still enjoy playing and I still like the competition. The kids are getting older, but I'm enjoying it and having a lot of fun each year, and I look forward to finishing out this season and then seeing what happens.

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