Padres Prospect Interview: Brian Lauderdale

Eugene, OR-- Super-utility man Brian Lauderdale has been the glue that keeps the Eugene Emeralds from falling apart. He has played in 14 games this year and has seen time at three different spots on the infield as well as seeing some outfield work.

You have jumped around a little bit – playing third base, second, first and even seeing some time in the outfield. How difficult is it not knowing where you will play?

Brian Lauderdale: It is difficult. I am definitely most comfortable at second base. I have played there the most. But, if they need me at third base, I will play third. If they need me in the outfield I will flag them down.

I am getting the hang of third base now.

Can you talk about the differences between playing second and third and how you mentally get ready to play each position.

Brian Lauderdale: There is a lot more ground to cover at second base and shortstop and third base is a lot quicker so it is more about reaction. You take each position differently.

And then I played first, which I don't mind at all. I am not your typical first baseman, but I will play it if they need me there.

How tough is it to get reps at each spot? You can't exactly move around to every position during batting practice.

Brian Lauderdale: You take as much fungo as you can during BP but some days we don't have BP so we wing it and hope for the best.

Any how many gloves do you have?

Brian Lauderdale: When I play first I use a friend's glove.

Out in extended spring training you were a little banged up too.

Brian Lauderdale: I sprained my ankle pretty good. I thought I broke it originally. I just tape it up everyday and don't let it both me.

When I am doing my baseball thing I don't really feel it. It is more when I am just walking. When I get home it is, ‘Wow, that really hurts now.'

You come back a second year and you are in Eugene again. Is that a disappointment for you?

Brian Lauderdale: Yeah, each year you want to move up but you can't dwell on it. We have a great team here and I love playing with them, but the ultimate goal is to get moved up. When I heard I was coming here I was excited because I knew I would be playing for Rid (manager Greg Riddoch).

What have you seen from Riddoch – especially since he is a lot freer on the basepaths?

Brian Lauderdale: He is a great manager. He is real social. He likes to get involved with us. He is real positive and great to play for.

He gives us the freedom on the bases if we think we can take a base. Go for it. He also knows when to shut us down on the bases. He knows the game a lot and I am anxious to learn more from him.

How have you grown from the end of last year until now?

Brian Lauderdale: If anything, I have just gotten smarter. I know more. Last year I didn't really understand our philosophy and now getting more into it I realize what it all means.

If I can tell these guys to get it straight this maybe they will get it straight and won't fall behind like I did.

Is that the way you feel?

Brian Lauderdale: Last year I didn't have the year I wanted to. This year, we will see what happens. I would have liked to have a better year last year but it is in the past.

Last year, you hit at the top of the lineup but this season you have been moved around and have been mostly at the bottom.

Brian Lauderdale: We have such a great hitting team. We have power in the front and back, speed in the front and back. I hit ninth and right behind me is Luis Durango. I like the way that happens. Speed kills.

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