Padres Prospect Interview: Chase Headley

Third baseman Chase Headley has hit over .300 in every month of the season, saw time in San Diego because of his solid play, and is at the top or very near in almost every offensive category in the Texas League.

We recently caught up with Headley to discuss the past to find out more about now and the future.

One of the things we have talked about in the past is maintaining two different swings as a switch-hitter. How do they feel after some struggles last year from the right side?

Chase Headley: So far, so good. I feel really good up there. I am coming out every single day to see some pitches. I spent some time on my right-handed swing this off-season so hopefully that continues to pay dividends.

You mentioned working on your right-handed swing. Did you change anything with it to see better results?

Chase Headley: I really didn't change a whole lot. It was more of just a feel thing. Last year I never really felt right. I felt like I was always wondering where my hands were and when you are not confident up there that just really shines through.

I got a little bit more comfortable and started to feel like I did back in college and how I have in the past. If I can keep that feeling I should be fine because I don't think it was something necessarily that was mechanically wrong last year it was just that I never got that confidence and that feeling back.

You put on weight in the off-season and the results have been good. How do you feel this year compared to last now that we are getting into the summer months?

Chase Headley: I feel really good. I feel a lot stronger than I did last year. Everything feels great so far. I think at the end of last year I wore down a little bit and wasn't as strong as I would normally be. A little bit more weight hopefully helps out this year.

We all know the life of a minor leaguer can be tough. How difficult is it to maintain a healthy weight, especially when the food can be tough to find at midnight?

Chase Headley: Just being smart. I think at some points I was even overworking and taking some extra swings when I didn't need to be. You just have to be smart about that in the middle of the summer when it is really hot out there you don't have to be blowing yourself out there everyday. It is part that and eating better and being aware of how many calories you are taking in throughout the day. That is what I am trying to do this year and hopefully it holds up a little better.

You faced off against Chris Capuano in the spring and doubled off him. Then you go up and get to face big league pitching for a more prolonged period of time and get your first hit off Rich Hill before coming back down. Do you gauge yourself after that time in San Diego?

Chase Headley: It is fun to come out and face those guys. You kind of stack yourself up against them – (sticking at) that next level isn't that far off. Go out there everyday and keep improving and hopefully a couple of years down the road that won't be something that makes me so happy as it did that day.

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