Padres Prospect Interview: Aeden McQueary

Eugene, OR-- Aeden McQueary is a pitcher currently in a catcher's role. At least that is how he perceives himself. Playing for Eugene, McQueary's focus is on helping his pitchers succeed, but he envisions himself a future pitcher if the catching career stalls.

Talk about the signing process and how it all came together for you.

Aeden McQueary: Oddly enough, I was a pitcher and a catcher coming out of college. I was an undrafted guy and was pitching with a local team in Atlanta. I got a call from Pete DeYoung, a scout of the Padres. He had seen me catch at Georgia State. I caught 54 of the 56 games there and I am a good catch and throw guy. They needed someone out here and I hung up the pitching for a little bit and decided to come out here and get paid to play a game.

You said you would put off pitching for a little bit. Does that mean you plan on getting back into pitching in the future?

Aeden McQueary: I think so. The best tool I have to work with is my arm. If catching doesn't work out and lord knows with the catchers we have here – we have an amazing team and one of the positions we are strongest at is catcher. That is why we have been winning so much.

We have great leadership back there. They handle the pitchers well and I am honored to work with them. It sounds funny to say I am working.

You say you might get back into pitching. Is it tough talking about it now, especially since right now you are a catcher and not a pitcher at all?

Aeden McQueary: It is what it is. While that thought is in the back of my mind, when I come out to practice and when I come out to work, my mind is on working as a catcher and all my focus is there. I have to make sure I work with our pitching staff and give them what they need. I have to make sure I am catching a good game and calling a good game. That is the most important thing I can do right now.

Pitching is something I could do in the future and I am not worried about it. I am worried about our pitchers.

What advantages do you have as a pitcher/catcher who is catching full-time? I have to imagine you have a leg up since you have been on that side of the fence.

Aeden McQueary: The pitchers' psyche is a mystery. It is sort of like women. Some of them need a kick in the butt and some you have to be real nice to. As a pitcher, it is a fragile balance. If you say the wrong thing it can turn a good outing into a bad outing and if you say the right thing it can turn a potentially bad outing into a good outing.

I think our catchers handle that well – especially Luis Martinez. Our pitchers go out and are comfortable with him behind the plate, not just with his ability but also because he knows the game. I am striving to do the same thing.

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