Padres Prospect Interview: Felix Carrasco

Felix Carrasco, one of the newest Eugene Emeralds after being promoted from Arizona, is a power-hitting third baseman with a lot of potential. He was nice enough to give us some of his time and with the help of translator Jackson Quezada we were able to conduct a brief interview.

Carrasco hit .288 over 15 games with the AZL Padres but also missed a month of action with a knee contusion.

You missed about a month due to a knee injury - how are you feeling now and are you still trying to find your swing?

Felix Carrasco: I feel very good, I feel a lot better and ready to play. I want to play hard everyday.

What has been the biggest adjustment coming here to the States to play baseball?

Felix Carrasco: Not really anything, my purpose is to play baseball, you know what I mean.

Can you assess your first year of pro ball, last year in Arizona?

Felix Carrasco: It was good…I played hard every day and I definitely felt like I got better.

As an aggressive hitter are you trying to become more patient at the plate?

Felix Carrasco: I am waiting for more pitches, but when I see a good one I swing.

You have moved your hands in your batting stance and now hold them higher - how has that helped you?

Felix Carrasco: I feel very good now because when my hands were down I was having trouble, but they are up now and I am hitting a lot better.

Talk about playing third base.

Felix Carrasco: I play happy everyday. I want a groundball every time and I want to make the play and get the out.

What are your goals and expectations for the rest of the season?

Felix Carrasco: Just to do a good job and to try to move up.

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