Padres Prospect Interview: Will Inman

So far so good. Since coming over in the Scott Linebrink deal, Will Inman has posted a 3-0 mark in three starts with a 1.96 ERA. He has given up a total of nine hits in 18.1 innings.

Talk a little about your repertoire.

Will Inman: I don't really have an out pitch. I am a fastball 85-88 MPH guy, a 12-to-6 curveball that is a bit loopy at times and I have an average to below-average changeup. I just try to throw them all for strikes. My command really helps me out a lot.

You said an "average to below average changeup." Is that honestly what you think?

Will Inman: No. I really don't think that. When I am out there I think I can compete with the best people on the teams. I feel like I can compete with anybody. That is just what I hear. That is what people tell me. I see this stuff in magazines and it doesn't both me at all.

When I am out there, I feel like I can compete with anybody. Watch Greg Maddux pitch in the big leagues. He doesn't have tremendous stuff but he gets people out. That is what the job is all about.

You have struck out more guys than innings pitched. Is there deception involved because you readily admit the fastball isn't blowing by anyone?

Will Inman: I don't know. People tell me I hide the ball pretty well. When I first came up in the system, which was in Helena, I threw across my body a lot. I think that was a deceptive thing. I don't do that anymore but have a little arm flare that they thought came from that.

I tried to expand the zone. I try and get people out. I try to get them to beat it into the ground and they end up missing it a lot.

I get these questions all the time and I don't know how to answer them. People are expecting me to say I blow it by guys – but my fastball tops out at 91 MPH, maybe 90. I am not blowing it by anyone. I don't know why they miss – they just miss it. I will take it any day of the week.

Are you sick of this type of question specifically related to body-type and projectibility?

Will Inman: I think it is a great guideline. If I am running a major league team and you look at the numbers and the people that have been outstanding in the major leagues, of course someone who is 6-foot is not going to really appeal to you. They are not going to have the biggest ceiling or whatever. But there are a lot of us who do. There is a lot who get it done. It doesn't make me mad at all. If I am the GM of a team, I am going after a 6-foot-7 kid that throws 102. There is a better chance on stuff alone.

I just try and go out there and get it done. That is my big thing – if you get it done and are getting people out, you are still going to play the game. You are always going to have a place to play. I don't worry about it much.

Tell me a little about Steve Garrison and Joe Thatcher.

Will Inman: Steve is a great guy. He gets out there and competes with the best of them. He is one of the best guys I have met in pro ball. He is just a great guy. He gets after it and is a great person.

Joe was my first roommate in '05 in Helena, Montana. A real laid back guy. He just gets guys out. It is a joke what he does. He doesn't give up runs. He gets guys out. It is unbelievable.

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