Padres Prospect Interview: Edgar Garzon

The Padres have felt good about the prospects they have landed from Mexico. Third baseman Edgar Garzon, who also plays second, is part of that haul. In his first season stateside, Garzon has shown versatility and an interesting bat. We caught up with Garzon, using the help of a translator.

What do you remember about working out for the Padres prior to signing?

Edgar Garzon: I remember that Robert Rawley signed me out of Mexico. We negotiated and he gave me the rights to play for the Padres.

Talk to me about the strengths of your game.

Edgar Garzon: My hitting is a vital part of my game. Everyday I come out to work and get better. It is not something I think is perfect so I try and do new things everyday to continue to improve.

Is there specific you need to work at at the plate?

Edgar Garzon: I have to work on my load and my timing to the ball. When I first got here I didn't have a load. Now, I am bringing that into my game and have to get it down.

Are you expecting to gain a little more power out of the load – since you had 15 doubles but did not hit a homer last year?

Edgar Garzon: When I first got here because I didn't have a load, everything I hit went the other way. Now that I am loading I can get my hands through the zone a lot quicker and actually hit the ball harder. Once I feel more comfortable I will be able to hit the ball out.

You struck out 57 times a year ago – do you have to work on a little more patience at the plate?

Edgar Garzon: I think in general I do have to work on that. The guys over there throw a little erratic and you start to swing at pitches you shouldn't. In Mexico, the caliber of the pitchers is a lot more reliant on their breaking pitches and the top guy throws 90 MPH. In the Dominican, the guys are throwing 90-94 on a daily basis with no control.

Manny Crespo: It is kind of smart to swing – and get out.

What are your expectations for this year?

Edgar Garzon: First and foremost, I am here to learn. I am not thinking ahead. I want to be a better baseball player and person. If I can do that on a daily basis and understand the game, I will be able to move up in levels and continue to get better.

What do you have to work on defensively at third base.

Edgar Garzon: My reaction time is a little slow. I need to get better reads on the ball.

How much have you learned here as opposed to Mexico?

Edgar Garzon: In Mexico, there are very good coaches as far as people and instruction. But, once you get here, they are able to specialize on things that maybe over there they haven't been taught or have experience with the new methods. Here, they are able to see the small things and focus on the small things to take you to the next level as opposed to the baseball in general stuff.

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