Padres Prospect Interview: Jose Mayi

Jose Mayi had more homers than doubles a year ago. Why? He had an interesting answer that would never have been considered. We caught up with the first baseman with the help of a translator.

Talk about the Dominican facility, what it is like down there and the differences.

Jose Mayi: They are pretty similar. There is, however, a much better opportunity to be seen here.

What do you remember about trying out for the Padres?

Jose Mayi: I had been seen before. I was at a tryout game. That day, I hit a home run and got a base hit.

Last year you hit more homers than doubles. Is that the strength of your game?

Jose Mayi: No, I think that because of the few teams we played, they were able to position themselves and cut off the doubles a little bit better. They could not cut off the home run.

You have a lot of patience at the plate. It isn't something known for those coming from the Dominican. How come?

Jose Mayi: Overall, people are very anxious to hit. I feel comfortable enough knowing that they have to throw three in my zone. I don't feel pressure of having to hit the first pitch I see.

Talk about the hand injury before you came to extended spring training and how it happened.

Jose Mayi: I was sliding in a game in the Dominican – I was sliding into second base and banged my wrist.

What do you have to work on defensively?

Jose Mayi: I have to work on my backhanding of ground balls. I also have to work on general movement. I work hard and hope to continue to get better.

Do you feel like you have to chances to your swing now that you are in the US?

Jose Mayi: No, the pitchers throw more strikes and there is more control here. I am going to stick with what I have until the pitchers get better and then I will make the necessary adjustments.

What are your expectations for the rest of the year?

Jose Mayi: I want to do my job and improve on my stats.

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