Eugene Emeralds photo gallery VII

Eugene, OR-- Allan Erickson brings us onto the field of Civic Stadium for some of the highlights of the Eugene Emeralds - in pictures.

Felix Carrasco waits for his pitch. Luis Durango lays down a bunt.

Danny Payne corrals a ball in centerfield. Lance Zawadzki watches his ball land in the outfield.

Mat Latos follows through with a pitch. Latos tucks the leg and comes home.

Dustin Gibbs comes to the plate with a pitch. Corey Kluber delivers a pitch.

Brad Chalk steps into the batter's box. Justin Pickett delivers a single.

Kluber watches his pitch dive into the catcher's mitt. Kellen Kulbacki continues his hot hitting.

Brian Lauderdale eyes the pitcher in anticipation of the pitch. Jeremy McBryde gets the rock on the way to home.

Gibbs peers into his catcher for the sign. Colt Hynes delivers a pitch with a near sidearm delivery.

McBryde drives the leg towards the dish. Andrew Parrino heads for first after hitting a ball down the right field line.

Latos rears back and delivers. Latos focuses on the glove.

Zawadzki takes a lead off second base. Payne eyes the pitcher from the batter's box.

Zawadzki waits for a throw from the catcher. Robbie Blauer trots the bases after a homer.

All photos courtesy of Allan Erickson of To see more of Allan's work visit

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