Padres Prospect Interview: Alexis Lara

Alexis Lara logged less than a handful of innings in his debut season in the Dominican Summer League but the Padres thought so highly of him that they brought him to the States. He proved he was ready.

Talk to me about your pitches and their speeds. Alexis Lara: After my operation due to a shoulder lesion, I've been throwing my fast ball at 93 MPH. Before my operation, I was throwing between 94 and 96 MPH. Right now I need to work hard to increase my speed.

What about your curveball/slider?

Alexis Lara: I've been throwing about 79 MPH. My change up is about 80 to 81 MPH.

Do you feel healthy now?

Alexis Lara: Right now I haven't been feeling any discomfort, thank God. Everyday I try to work hard so that my shoulder doesn't suffer and to try to maintain my strength until I get to where I want to be.

I saw you pitch and it looked like you were throwing a two-seem fastball that appeared to be a mix between a slider and changeup. Is that correct?

Alexis Lara: What I was throwing was a slider and I threw about three changeups. I was fixing the little that needed work. So the next time I pitch against another team, I'll do better and work on improving.

What do you remember about working out for the Padres in the Dominican Republic?

Alexis Lara: I remember when I was starting the season over there. You have to work there (Dominican Republic) a lot. When my shoulder was hurting, I had thrown six and a third innings before I got injured. All baseball players suffer from something. I'm not the first and I'm not the last. Then when I went to San Diego, I had my operation.

What are you trying to improve upon now?

Alexis Lara: I'm trying to improve my balance and not to move my head so much and to keep moving until God tells me when to stop. He's the only one who knows how far I'm going to go.

Do you feel like you lost a year of development because of the injury?

Alexis Lara: In the Dominican, I lost a year because when I started to pitch, I only pitched eight and two third innings and I didn't pitch anymore because I got injured. (When I pitched) I would leave my arm and head behind. I was hurting my shoulder. In order to not feel any pain or pressure, I need to have more balance and have my head facing the catcher and pull forward and down.

Is the changeup new and how has it improved?

Alexis Lara: The change up isn't new to me. Thank God it falls when I need it to. When it's called inside, I'll hit the spot and then follow with a fastball and a slider. I need to make changes quickly. In my first year, I've thrown around 15 or 14 scoreless innings, and thank God I've only given up two runs. I've been throwing as much as I want.

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