Padres Prospect Interview: Rey Garramone

While some players have a September to remember, Rey Garramone had one to forget. His ERA ballooned by a full run in his five innings of work. He bounced between the pen and the rotation over an up and down year. Garramone did, however, learn a lot about himself through the process.

Last year you were in Arizona and this year you ended up in Eugene. First off, how nice was it to be out of that desert heat?

Rey Garramone: It was real nice. This weather was really nice.

How have you grown from last year to this year?

Rey Garramone: I have grown a lot. I can't even explain it. Last year, I was just trying to throw the ball past people and I know I can't do that. I am 88 to 89 MPH. Now, I am learning that hitting your spots is key. I have learned how to work the corners and finally developed a decent changeup – still not a great one yet. That is something I have been working on since junior college and high school. It is not bad. I think I have grown a lot in one year.

Who do you point to as the one who was instrumental in helping you?

Rey Garramone: Obviously Razor (Dave Rajsich) was the one who has helped me the most. TB (Tom Bradley) has been great though. He has been on me a lot when I fall off. That has helped me. Rid (Greg Riddoch) has helped me. Everyone has helped me but mainly Razor since I have been with him longer.

Has it been a smoothing of mechanics for you?

Rey Garramone: Mechanics are a big part of it. I am much cleaner to the plate now. I am coming over my head with my glove and hands and that is helping me stay balanced because last year I would fall forward before I would gather myself. I had to rush my arm up. I still have to work on working out of the stretch because I do the same thing.

I was curious to see you bring the glove over your head thinking that maybe it throws your head off line and then you go off the plate a little bit.

Rey Garramone: I like it. I just stare at the glove the whole time, even when I go over my head. It is not a big deal for me.

Talk about the season. Is it what you have expected?

Rey Garramone: I came in here with confidence and knew I had to have confidence. I was glad to make the team. It was fun up there. There are a great bunch of guys up there.

Did the big lead of Salem-Keizer get into your heads this year?

Rey Garramone: It was in our head. We were always wondering what Salem-Keizer did.

What are your expectations as you look forward?

Rey Garramone: I just want to keep learning and developing as much as I can. I want to develop the changeup because hopefully next year I have a good chance of making that long season team. I just want to develop and show improvement.

What is the key to making that changeup go from good to great?

Rey Garramone: You have to keep throwing it. You just feel it. I am starting to feel it. I talked to Manny Ayala – he has a great changeup – and everyone tells me to keep throwing it with the same arm speed as the fastball. How you are holding it let it do what it does.

I experimented with so many grips. I finally found one that is comfortable.

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