Padres Prospect Interview: Vantroit Medina

Numbers can be deceiving and can often be manipulated. What really ailed Vantroit Medina, and there was no getting around this, was staying away from the big inning. He still believes he has made strides in that area.

Talk about the pitches you throw and at what speeds you throw them at.

Vantroit Medina: I throw a fastball. Last year I was 92 to 93. This year I was 94 to 95. I have a changeup which is 82 and a slider which is 86. Sometimes I throw a screwball at around 76-77.

You really improved your mechanics from 2005 to 2006 and now. What changed for you?

Vantroit Medina: I think it was my mechanics. I was flying open and I tried to fix that so I could throw better.

You worked with Dave Rajsich a lot. How has Razor been able to help your career?

Vantroit Medina: I think he is the best pitching coach. He helped me a lot. Nobody – the only person that seems to be able to (help me) is Razor. He is a great pitching coach. I have confidence in what he is telling me.

When you look back at your season, do you view it as a successful year for you?

Vantroit Medina: I was pitching so-so for the first half. I finished stronger. I gave up too many runs and struggled some.

Do you think you worried too much last year when somebody was on base and how do you change that?

Vantroit Medina: Yes, last year when someone was on base I worried too much. But now, when somebody hits a homerun against me, I don't care. I have to just keep pitching.

Do you feel like you have to add more weight to your frame to continue to be successful?

Vantroit Medina: Last year I was skinny. I added 15 more pounds. That may have helped my velocity. My arm is also a little bit up.

What were the mechanical changes you went through?

Vantroit Medina: I was jumping and opening up too quick. I was staying too far back. I am trying to keep my body over my front knee more to give me balance.

You guys won the Arizona Rookie League Championship in 2006. What was that like for you in your first year of professional ball?

Vantroit Medina: I don't know how to explain that. It was the best feeling – being Champions.

What are your expectations and goals moving forward?

Vantroit Medina: I want to win. I want to keep my ERA down. I want to throw strikes.

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