McBryde finding his way to consistency

Jeremy McBryde came into the year as a highly touted prospect. He was a draft-and-follow signing and performed better than the numbers indicated. His last four outings contributed three losses to his tally and a run and a half to his ERA.

Talk to me a little bit about how much you learned since getting to Eugene and were the results what you expected.

Jeremy McBryde: So far, I have been a little inconsistent with the strike zone. I have to get around with my changeup and as soon as I find the strike zone with my changeup and spot up my fastball I think I will be all right.

They really want you to work with your changeup and as soon as I get that down I will be all right.

Is the changeup something new for you?

Jeremy McBryde: I threw my changeup but just not as much as they want you to throw it here. It is a little bit of a change in how much they want you to throw it. It is not too much of a change but something I need to get used to be effective.

How did you adapt to the long season after playing college ball as well.

Jeremy McBryde: I am used to it. In summer ball back home we played 80 games in two and a half months so I am used to the long summers and traveling a lot.

Are there any mechanical changes you were making with pitching coach Tom Bradley?

Jeremy McBryde: In the stretch, I have to work on some kind of leg kick because my arm is a little bit behind and I have been slide-stepping through my stretch. I need to work on some kind of leg kick to get my arm in sync with my body. Other than that, they really haven't changed me at all.

What was the signing process like for you and a situation that really is no longer around as a draft-and-follow kid?

Jeremy McBryde: I signed on the 31st, which was the last day to sign as a draft-and-follow. I waited until the last minute and I think I signed about 45 minutes to an hour before the deadline. I kind of made them sweat a little bit. I was just trying to get as much out of it as I could. I just wanted to play pro ball and I was ready to play pro ball.

It was kind of stressful but I talked to my family a lot and they really helped me through making my decision. It made it easy for me.

How have you matured over the last year as a baseball player and a person?

Jeremy McBryde: I wanted to go back to JuCo one more year. Oklahoma State wanted me to come out there after my freshman year but I wanted to go back to JuCo. My pitching coach there really got me better and got my velocity up and kept me consistent with that velocity. I wanted to go back and stay consistent.

After that first year when they drafted me I wasn't quite ready to go play pro ball so that is why I went back and this year I wasn't quite sure but as I got to thinking about it I was ready to start playing. I did sign with Oklahoma State but decided I wanted to play pro ball.

You had a chance to work with new catchers in Eugene. How tough is it to get to know each others nuances?

Jeremy McBryde: It is a little different. In college, the pitching coach usually called all the pitches. I did a couple of games in the season but not too much. Here, you have to get a feel for the catchers. They have done well in calling what I want to throw. We get to know each other and as soon as we get that down we will be all right.

Now that you have been in pro ball, what is the assessment so far?

Jeremy McBryde: I cant wait to get better and better and keep moving up.

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