Padres Instructional League Notebook IV

Perhaps it was the Arizona heat or something else entirely, but the Padres played an uninspired game on Friday. The outfielders meet the wall on Friday. Yefri Carvajal is making an impression. Euclides Viloria is cognizant of his walk totals.

  • The Padres managed less than a handful of hits and hit into three double plays on Friday, losing 5-0 to the Rangers.

    John Hudgins led things off and was efficient, striking out two with David Freese behind the dish. It was the second outing of Instructs for Hudgins and he noted he still "needs to work on increasing his stamina."

    Hudgins was pleased with his outing – one that took 14 pitches.

    Jeremy Hefner faced some struggles throughout his three-inning outing. He surrendered a two-run homer over the left field wall, and it took 52 pitches for him to get through his outing. He was up 0-2 in the count before it was evened up. The capper was Hefner leaving a fastball up and over the plate – only to see it hammered.

    The next batter just missed a bomb on a second pitch up in the zone. Brad Chalk made a great play at the wall to rob the hitter of extra bases.

    John Hussey allowed two runs in his three innings of work. He tossed 48 pitches and battled around trouble most of the day. Hussey has been using his curveball – something he abandoned during the year in Fort Wayne and Eugene.

    Hussey did pull off a beautiful pickoff at second base. After a close play on his first attempt, Hussey almost threw it away the next time. His third attempt, however, was money – catching the runner leaning.

    Mike DeMark worked two innings and allowed a run – helped by an error on shortstop Jhonaton Spraud. The right-hander did work deep into several counts but battled through some tough stretches. It took him 37 pitches to get through two frames.

    Eric Sogard's double was the only hit of note and the feeling here is he left a triple on the table. He would have scored had he taken the extra base. He squared up every ball he hit on Friday, although the rest went at fielders.

    Javis Diaz reached third base but was stranded there when Drew Cumberland tried a drag bunt, something he had been working on during batting practice and with Tom Gamboa over the last week. He popped out. It was a good spot for the bunt with the right side of the infield playing deep but the wisdom will always be questioned with two outs.

  • Gamboa worked with the outfielders Friday morning, hitting balls towards the centerfield wall while the outfielders had to time their jump and attempt to make a play.

    Javis Diaz made a terrific jumping grab, earning praise. Kellen Kulbacki had a beat on a ball up the wall and got his glove on it but the ball popped out.

    "If you get a glove on it let's finish it off," Gamboa said.

  • Yefri Carvajal is making an impression with his hustle and willingness to take in any coaching. He has improved in the outfield and his hitting has taken strides forward.

    Carvajal has had trouble with his routes and has, at times, lacked hustle in the outfield. He has changed his ways at Instructs.

    "He is taking a lot of pride in his work," Gamboa said. "He has been real good in every face of the game."

    "He ran down three plays in the outfield the other day that I had not ever seen him make," Jim Lefebvre said.

  • Mitch Canham is one of the few players who doesn't use batting gloves during games.

    The Oakland A's commented on his lack of gloves when the teams played on Thursday. "Does he think he is that strong," one player said.

    If you see him hit in batting practice and in games – he is that strong. He has tremendously fast hands and gets them through the zone quickly.

    On Friday morning, Canham was in the cage launching balls out of the yard and hitting most of them with authority – as long as he stayed relaxed and did not rush his approach. He also did it with batting gloves on.

    "My hands crack so sometimes I do use them in BP," Canham admitted.

  • Euclides Viloria hasn't pitched in a week but is nursing a sore shoulder. He expects to work on the mound by Monday or Tuesday.

    Viloria also admitted that he has to work on stamina and his high walk totals. Playing the year at 17 it is understandable and he has matured tremendously since Spring Training. His grasp of the English language has increased tenfold and he sees where he has to improve.

    "It was so hot that I got tired fast," Viloria said of his penchant for striking out six of the first nine batters and then walking four of the next seven.

  • Will Venable hurt his shoulder in the Arizona Fall League and is slated to get an MRI on Tuesday.

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