Padres Six-Year Free Agents

The San Diego Padres have 21 six-year minor league free agents. Grady Fuson is a big believer in having his own players throughout the system. While they want to infuse their own players at the upper levels, there are a few who could be back with the squad next year with a few positions still light on prospects.

Paul Abraham

A gritty competitor with a solid fastball and slider, Abraham is an underdog that San Antonio manager Randy Ready thought would go to the majors this past season. He could be brought back – either way he should make an appearance in the big leagues.

Hiram Bocachica

Brought in to help the big league club, Bocachica was sent to Portland and got injured, ending his year. He might be brought back as insurance, but it depends on the outfield situation the Padres plan to have in Triple-A.

Brett Bonvechio

He just had surgery on his back and was seen walking around in Peoria during Instructs. He has some versatility but health is a big question mark.

Frank Brooks

The southpaw had a solid season before injury curtailed his campaign. He might get a second look because of what he showed, health pending.

Adrian Burnside

He pounds the strike zone but missed a significant part of the year and may be too hittable. They have to look elsewhere.

Scott Cassidy

Cassidy lost it big-time after contributing in San Diego but seemed to find himself down the stretch after working with Gary Lance. Still, word is he will end up elsewhere.

Luis Cruz

He went from 40-man to forgotten man in the blink of an eye. Cruz has always had the defense but can't find consistency with his offensive game. He will not likely be back.

Shawn Estes

He has rehabbed seemingly forever and has always been a favorite bargain binner for Kevin Towers. That doesn't mean he continues to be on the radar.

Casey Fossum

He got a test run with Portland and failed. Keep looking.

Todd Greene

He was going to be a contributor this year until an injury claimed his season. The Padres could use another catcher – somewhere – but Greene might have seen his expiration date hit.

Justin Hatcher

He was released in the middle of the season and re-signed days later. Catchers are a premium. He could be looked at again as a backup.

Royce Huffman

He made significant strides as the season wore on and his brother Chad is a prospect in the system. Is the outfield too crowded in Portland? That is the question that has to be answered first.

Arturo Lopez

He was supposed to have a big year and be on the watch list. There was little that said he made significant strides towards being a necessity.

Frank Menechino

He had a positive attitude on the rest of the team and you wonder if he has a place as a coach somewhere. He can still play and could be a nice clubhouse addition on a team that may again lack full compliment of infielders.

Edwin Moreno

He came out of nowhere and did well for San Antonio. There are some who believe he can be a bullpen guy in the bigs and it may take a invite to Spring Training to keep him.

Aaron Rakers

He had a cup of coffee with the Padres but did little during most of his tenure at Triple-A.

Yordany Ramirez

He had his best offensive season and has always been a Gold Glove caliber defender. At 23, he warrants another look from the Padres. Several are lobbying for him to return while others wouldn't be sad to see him go. Which camp will win? Stay tuned.

Jonathan Schemmel

He went everywhere and filled a variety of roles without complaint. That kind of attitude is valuable. It may keep him around.

Jon Searles

He has good stuff but has trouble keeping it consistently in the strike zone. He could be worth another look because when he is on he is tough to hit.

Mike Thompson

He made contributions to the big league squad but seemed to lose some of that consistency this season. Still, he is seen as a player that can assist the club in time of need and grew up in the system. He might be back, although there are teams that will reportedly make a run at him.

Steve Watkins

He has been with the Padres twice and was seen as a veteran guy who has had success. He didn't meet expectations this year and could be on the outs.

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