Padres Prospects: Beyond the Top 60

Every year there are several prospect left off the top 60 list for various reasons. They all have talent – the year ahead these San Diego Padres prospects hope to dislodge those currently ranked ahead and it is a sure bet some will accomplish that feat. We look at 24 more prospects to keep an eye on in 2008.

Paul Abraham

After sending video to a pitching guru in New Orleans and getting his mechanics diagnosed, Abraham's fastball returned to its dominant mid-90s state. Re-signed as a six-year free agent, he would have been ranked in the top-60 had he been eligible. He has the demeanor on the mound down pat and a solid slider to compliment the heat. He has an invite to spring training and it would not surprise to see him in the big leagues this season.

Simon Berroa

While he posted an awful record in the DSL, Berroa is a power arm in the Simon Castro mold. He can pump it in the mid-90s with some further projection and developing secondary pitches – a slider that is improving and a changeup that comes in too hard. Finding the strike zone and consistent mechanics will be key.

Jose De Paula

Already blessed with a very good curveball and having the added bonus of being left-handed, De Paula can reach 90 MPH with his heater and has projection. He has good mechanics and is relatively polished for his age. A third pitch will put him even further ahead.

Jon Ellis

A dirty slider that drops out of the zone is what he uses to put people away but he will, at times, have a tough time locating it for a strike. If the opposition can pick up the spin they lay off and his walk totals escalate. When he is in the zone he is tough to hit and the hits generally aren't hard.

Daniel Garce

His second year in the DSL was much better than the first. He has a lean, live body that has projection. The ball jumps off his bat and he could develop into an interesting player in the middle of the diamond.

Rey Garramone

Trusting his stuff is the difference between being a prospect and an also-ran. Garramone has a good repertoire but oftentimes doesn't go in with the confidence he needs to get the job done. His two-seamer tails away and down but he often has a tough time keeping the rest of his repertoire down in the zone, as he will fall off line with his delivery to the plate.

Edgar Garzon

He improved tremendously over the previous year and could profile as a utility player in the Placido Polanco mold, working at multiple positions and providing a line drive bat, if he can continue to make progress.

Mariekson Gregorius

A name few have heard of but one that could make waves at a different position than he currently sits. Gregorius is an outfielder with good athleticism but has a tremendous arm that some project will eventually land on the mound with a plus-fastball in tow.

Allen Harrington

A fiery competitor, Harrington performed better than his stuff. He consistently throws strikes and works down in the zone. The left-hander relishes pressure situations and is a workhorse out of the pen.

Colt Hynes

A left-hander who throws sidearm is a hard find. He doesn't throw very hard but the different plane he throws and his uncanny location makeup for the top-end heater. He hides the ball well and throws strikes – a staple of a reliever. If he can come close to duplicating the success of this year he will be on the radar.

Tom King

He has been working for two years on better plate discipline and seeing more pitches. When the ball is in his sweet spot he can deliver but too often chases out of the zone. A shoulder injury this year derailed the makings of a quality season and he was not the same when he returned.

Ryner Liriano

He has yet to play professionally but profiles as a five-tool talent with good size. He has an athletic frame that has power, can run, and plays good defense. The Padres expect big things from this young Dominican.

Jose Lobaton

A full-time catcher for the first time this year, Lobaton flashed a good bat and improving defense. He has a good arm and receives the ball well. Working on his choice of pitch sequence and overall call of the game are areas he needs to improve.

Edwin Moreno

Re-signed as a six-year minor league free agent, Moreno is a tough right-hander that throws strikes. A former starter, Moreno found a home as a reliever that relished working in tough situations.

Stiven Osuna

A pitcher with know-how. He doesn't have the stuff of some other pitchers on the list but understands the game better at this stage. His fastball tops out in the low-90s but he compliments it with a good slider and changeup. He is a polished kid that throws strikes.

Chris Perez

The right-hander can be filthy at times with a solid fastball and a good slider. He gets too amped up, however, during games and it makes him wild and ineffective. Controlling his emotions will be key, as he also flies open when he starts thinking too much.

Jackson Quezada

There are questions regarding his willingness to compete and take the ball no matter the circumstance. He has a very good fastball with good life but has been shelled in close games, losing his confidence and never seeming to recover. He does, however, have good projection if he can overcome the mental side of the game.

Emmanuel Quiles

A tough cookie behind the dish, Quiles has a good arm and could develop into a solid prospect down the road. He was hurt this season but has a lot of the intangibles you look at in a backstop, including an ability to work with pitchers and call a good game. He needs to add strength and weight to take advantage of the bat.

Edinson Rincon

He played this year at 16 and performed well in the Dominican Summer League before making his way stateside. He has the Padres excited because of his confident approach, even when faced with a slump. He has good plate discipline and pitch recognition at an early age.

Vince Sinisi

He can play multiple positions in the outfield and has always had a good approach at the dish and a pretty swing. Injuries have continually assaulted his progress and health is essential for him to continue reaching his potential. More power is also a necessity.

Jhonaton Spraud

The shortstop has a solid frame that he should grow into. He has a good feel for hitting and stays square to the ball but needs to add strength to really improve. His defense, thus far, is suspect and needs to be refined. He could be exciting to watch develop.

Will Startup

He is a karate kick away from the big leagues and could be helpful to the team this season. His high leg kick and funky delivery – where he kicks out towards first base – make him hard to pick up, and he is left-handed.

Robert Woodard

A bulldog that wants the ball, Woodard came in, worked efficiently, located his pitches and worked in tough situations. He throws strikes, has a bit of deception in his delivery, and he is fearless, working inside and out, up and down.

Lance Zawadzki

A hamstring injury slowed his first professional season and there are some questions about his mental approach to the game with the feeling he takes things too personal. He has a solid stroke, though, and could become a player if he can stay away from prolonged slumps.

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