Tool Time: Top Outfield Arms

Arm strength alone does not constitute a solid arm. Knowing where to throw the ball, getting it to the correct spot with accuracy and actual arm strength are all factors. With that in mind, we present the best outfield arms in the San Diego Padres system.

Drew Macias

Leading the system in outfield assists is one sure way to get noticed for your arm, and Macias accomplished that feat in 2007. With smooth movements and keen ability to pick the ball off the wall, turn and throw, Macias headlines the best outfield arms.

The slick throwing outfielder sets his line to the appropriate bag and gets his momentum going forward on fly balls, proving to not only have a strong arm but an accurate one.

Brad Chalk

Always in good position to throw the ball, Chalk backs up his fielding fundamentals with a strong, accurate arm.

The outfielder, who profiles as a centerfielder, has a firm understanding of the game and where the ball should be thrown, hitting his cutoff man when needed and sending the ball to the opposite end in perfect placement to make a play.

Sam Carter

Carter might have the best pure arm in the system. He can launch it from the outfield to home in a single leap but will suffer with his accuracy, at times.

His 13 outfield assists, mostly playing right field, are a testament to his terrific arm. His laser can beat runners to the bag and make up for throws that might be slightly offline.

Yefri Carvajal

Hyped as a potential five-tool talent, Carvajal's arm is above average. He fires the missile with a low trajectory and deadly force.

What this outfield prospect lacks is knowledge of the game and an understanding of when to hit the cutoff man and when to go for broke. As his outfield smarts increase, Carvajal could push towards top honors.

Danny Payne

A prospect that saw time on the mound during his collegiate days, it is safe to say that Payne has a gun for an arm.

Able to sling it with the best of them, Payne needs to improve on his management of said throws. He will throw to the wrong base or miss the cutoff man, at times, and as soon as he makes strides in those areas could vault up the list.

Honorable mention:

Craig Cooper

Hidden from view because most view him as a first baseman, Cooper has a powerful arm that profiles well in right field.

Vince Sinisi

Injuries may have sapped some of his potential but there is little doubt he has a gun from the outfield that can alter a team's running game.

Angel Mercado

The Puerto Rican native is a bit raw defensively but has a solid arm that will be an asset as he improves his overall defensive play.

Shane Buschini

The 11th-round pick had a tough time with the stick, the USD alumnus has a rocket arm that will be a deterrent to base runners in the coming years.

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