Tool Time: Top Infield Arms

Matt Bush would have held top infield arm honors for as long as he sat at shortstop. With his move to the mound, the floor was open for a new arm to emerge from these San Diego Padres prospects.

Jesus Lopez

Part of having a big arm from the infield is balance and positioning. Lopez puts himself in terrific fielding position and uses impressive footwork to put his body into the throw.

Oh yeah, he also has a gun from the hole and can nip a baserunner even on off-balance throws with his accuracy and confidence.

Lance Zawadzki

Once he learned better balance – he was standing a bit too tall when he threw the ball – his arm took on a new life. Its zip became more pronounced with accuracy to boot.

While other players are scrambling for a new position, Zawadzki won't have to fear. He has a good arm that should help keep him on the left side of the infield.

Sean Kazmar

Moved to second base after getting drafted, Kazmar was returned to shortstop late in the year and showed no ill effects.

Impressive footwork aids a solid arm, as Kazmar gets the most out of his body by stepping into each throw. With his body aligned to first, Kazmar can get the extra oomph needed to nab the runner.

Rayner Contreras

While his defensive skills are not up to par with others on the list, mainly do to poor footwork and hands, Contreras has a laser arm that can be effective from third base.

He has off the back foot power in his body, able to make an awkward throw and still get juice on the baseball. In all likelihood, Contreras' arm will be neutralized by a move to second base – but he could resurface down the road as an outfielder where his arm would be a benefit.

Chase Headley

Getting the rock across the infield is no problem for Headley, as he takes his time, sets his balance and sends a bullet to first.

Headley doesn't have a true cannon but it is ample enough to get the job done. His complete package of instincts and fundamentals make his accurate arm better than the velocity says.

Honorable mention:

None, although it would not surprise to see Drew Cumberland, Jeudy Valdez, Jhonaton Spraud and even Edinson Rincon make this list as they mature.

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