Tool Time: Top Defensive Pitchers

Ask Greg Maddux if defense from the pitching position is important, and he will tell you how it is helped his own ERA throughout his career. These San Diego Padres pitching prospects head the list.

Cesar Ramos

Among the Texas League leaders in caught stealing, Ramos holds them close and has a quick delivery to keep them from getting good jumps.

Ramos also led all Texas League pitchers in fielding percentage with his nine put outs and 25 assists, making his glove an asset on balls destined to trickle through the infield.

Matt Buschmann

While his delivery to the plate could use a little haste to keep runners from stealing, there may be no better athlete on the mound than Buschmann.

Ready to pounce after delivering the ball, Buschmann can save runs with his quick reactions and ability to field his position.

Steve Garrison

Smooth in the field, Garrison puts himself in good fielding position after his delivery and is always ready to pounce on a bunt.

Holding runners close to the bag, Garrison understands his responsibility in covering bases and backing up his fellow infielders.

Josh Geer

With so many hitters rolling over on his pitches, Geer has to be ready at a moments notice and proved to be just that, leading the Texas League in total chances from the mound with 52 and producing a lone error.

Runners rarely steal on the right-hander and his most impressive trait is his ability to field the ball on his arm side, showing good balance after fielding the ball to fire the ball to first on a spin.

Rey Garramone

As a pitcher that is most effective when he keeps the ball on the ground, it is essential that Garramone field his position well. The right-hander did just that.

Leading the Northwest League in fielding percentage among pitchers, Garramone shows good reactions and knows that he must have a handle on his responsibilities – covering bags and backing up infielders.

Honorable mention:

With so many athletes at the pitcher position, there are plenty of candidates who could have made this list.

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