Tool Time: Top Defensive Outfielders

For years, top defensive outfield honors went to Yordany Ramirez. With the doors wide open after his departure, a new champion has been crowned among this crop of San Diego Padres prospects.

Brad Chalk

Graceful in the outfield, Chalk gets good reads off the ball and has the speed to make plays in the alleys. His route-running is exceptional and the centerfielder has Gold Glove potential.

Taking over top honors with the migration of Yordany Ramirez to the Astros' system, Chalk combines solid instincts with the ability to cover a lot of ground. He handles caroms off the wall well and will make run-saving plays towards the gap.

Drew Macias

His outfield instincts are uncanny – he knows when to go for the ball and when it is best played off the outfield wall. Macias' range is excellent and he has a plus arm.

Running solid routes and able to cover a lot of ground, Macias can play all three outfield positions above average defensively. He is adept at outfield positioning as well, putting himself in the best spot to make a play on the ball before the pitch.

Mike Sansoe

A great first step provides Sansoe with the ability to cut off balls headed for the gaps. His baseball instincts in the outfield are always evident, as he combines smarts and athleticism to be in the right position to make plays.

Sansoe is a smart defender that reads the ball off the bat well and can handle all three outfield positions. His routes are some of the best in the system and rarely does he take extra steps to get to a ball.

Robert Perry

All Long Beach State alumni are known for their baseball smarts, and Perry is no exception. A polished player that understands the fundamentals of the game, Perry has solid range and instincts.

He is an all-out hustler that will never be seen lollygagging to pick up a ball tracing the outfield grass and throws the ball moving forward to compensate for a less than powerful arm.

Danny Payne

Blessed with good speed, he can close the distance between himself and the ball in a hurry and will round the ball to keep it in front of him, as necessary. He also moves well tracking the ball over his head and does not get turned around.

Adept at taking the sun out of play to make those tough summer plays, Payne puts himself in good throwing position to eliminate players tagging or trying to take an extra base.

Honorable mention:

Javis Diaz

When he came into the system he wasn't a very good outfielder but has made consistent strides each year to improve. It is most evident in his first step and reading the ball off the bat.

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