Mead still waiting to pitch

Peoria, AZ- Tyler Mead has not thrown a pitch this spring. It is not that he doesn't want to – he does – but a shoulder injury has sidelined him since his arrival.

After posting a 2-0 record and a 1.20 ERA over six starts in the Arizona Rookie League during the month of July, Mead went 0-4 with a 7.36 ERA in six August starts.

Word is he will see a doctor this week to see if there is a better treatment program for the pain he is experiencing in the front of his throwing shoulder.

You started out well last year and struggled a little down the stretch. Can you pinpoint what happened?

Tyler Mead: Not really. My velocity dropped a bit. I am not really sure what happened.

My arm is a little sore right now. I have been going through a lot of arm exercises this year and it feels like it is getting a lot stronger than it was last year. I don't know what happened last year.

What is going on with the arm?

Tyler Mead: I just got back my MRI results and they said nothing much, just a little wearing in my rotator cuff – on the top and in the back – but nothing too serious and I should keep rehabbing to strengthen my shoulder.

How far away are you from pitching again?

Tyler Mead: I am hoping a week. I am cleared as long as my arm feels good when I am going through my routines.

What was the off-season preparation like?

Tyler Mead: That is what might have triggered my arm to start bothering me. I was lifting pretty hard. I was throwing a lot. I was following all of my off-season programs, and maybe did a little too much. I started throwing one day and it hurt a little bit so I backed off a little. I took a week and it felt good the next time I threw. It slowly came back – the pain in my shoulder. Now I am back here.

You get back on the mound – is there one pitch you want to work on more than any other?

Tyler Mead: The changeup. I have always had my slider; I have always good touch with that pitch. I would really like to get my changeup to where I can throw it every single time – a third pitch.

Fastball command is nothing right now. I have not thrown all spring. That would be the other thing.

It seemed like the first two innings were a bit of a test and then you would find your rhythm and cruise. Have you considered redoing your pre-game routine?

Tyler Mead: I have considered it. Maybe throwing 10 more pitches is something I should do. I am not really sure.

How have you grown over the last two years since being drafted out of high school?

Tyler Mead: Mentally – a lot. I have grown so much – especially with Razor with what to pitch and when, getting that whole routine down.

The arm has struggled a little bit but hopefully I will get it back this year.

Looking ahead to the 2008 season, what is it going to take to call it a successful year for Tyler Mead?

Tyler Mead: Get my velocity back up and getting out of Arizona.

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