Joynt sticking to the plan

Peoria, AZ- Brian Joynt didn't have the debut season he wanted. He made some adjustments at the professional level but did not see the results. Sticking with the plan the coaches laid out for him, Joynt feels much better prepared heading into 2008.

You played left field, right field, third base – how difficult was it working between three positions as you get assimilated to professional baseball?

Brian Joynt: I actually played outfield in college and some first base so the biggest transition was playing third base – different angles with the ball, harder shots, but other than that it was pretty easy with outfield and third base.

What is it about third base that made it so difficult to play?

It is the hot corner. You get those big righties that like to pull the ball right at you. You get those one-hoppers. All you have to do is knock it down since you can't react really.

When I first got out there, I will be honest, I was a little nervous. I have gotten used to it and have gotten a lot more comfortable over there. I feel like I can play there.

Last year, you had some struggles in your first professional season. You mentioned to us that you also had some struggles as a junior in college. How can you draw upon that experience and bring that into this year?

Brian Joynt: Don't look at the past. I had a bad season but focus on bouncing back and having a good year now.

I made some adjustments in my swing. I got a wider base and am lower. I feel a lot more comfortable with being able to go to either side of the field and that is what they do at this level – they pitch you in and out. I have to be able to do that. I feel a lot more comfortable at the plate.

What do you think was the toughest as you migrate to the wood bats?

Brian Joynt: I would say the pitching velocity was consistently a lot harder. In college we saw those guys who threw 94 or 95 once every few weeks. When I got here I was a bit surprised that you saw it quite often. It took a little bit of getting used to but I feel a lot more comfortable at the plate this year.

You mentioned widening the stance – what is the goal?

Brian Joynt: I am sitting in my legs a little more. The biggest thing from last year is I used a lot of upper body. You can get away with that in college with the aluminum bat but with that wood you have to use your legs and it speeds up your bat.

How tough is it to change a swing you may have had since childhood?

Brian Joynt: In my first two years of college, I had the same swing throughout. My junior year we made some adjustments I wasn't too happy with. I got to my senior year and made some more adjustments and felt comfortable. I got to the professional level and it wasn't working out.

We made some adjustments in Eugene that took some getting used to. I got sent down to the AZL to work on it and couldn't figure it out for a while.

I went into the off-season and took a lot of what the coaches told me into consideration and worked with it. I feel like the swing has come around.

What is going to make for a successful 2008 season for Brian Joynt?

Brian Joynt: Just staying focused on the task at hand, staying positive, squaring up balls, not trying to do too much with it. I can't worry about results.

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