Missions quotebook: Masse a master juggler

Colt Morton and Jose Lobaton - how will San Antonio manager Bill Masse get both into the lineup? Does it include sending Morton to first base? When will Brett Dowdy come off the disabled list? How does Marshall McDougall fit into the Missions lineup?

You have two talented catchers with Colt Morton and Jose Lobaton, how will you handle them this season?

Masse: For the most part, they'll catch 3-4 a week and maybe one DH, so we're looking at anywhere from playing four to five days a week. It's a good problem to have, two guys with potential. I'll do the best I can trying to get them the right amount of work. It's not easy, sometimes when you get two guys like that. i've sat them both down and explained them the situation.

Will Morton see any time a first?

Masse: I don't know, we'll see what happens. One of the problems you have when you play a guy at first and he catches you only have a guy that does half of his work catching. We just want him to concentrate on catching. We want him to get better at blocking, receiving, throwing, all that sort of stuff. If you put a lot of work in at first base, you're not going to get a lot of work in at catching. Catching is the one position where you really got to work at catching. If he needs to go out there he will. If it's good for his career to get him at-bats then yeah, he'll play out there.

Do you know a timetable for when Brett Dowdy will come off the DL?

Masse: I have no idea, to be honest with you. I was surprised when he came on Friday and he had an oblique strain. Sometimes those are funny, anytime theres twisting involved. It's up to the individual, the healing process. Some guys heal real quick, some guys it takes a long time. So, hopefully, he's a quick healer.

What role will Marshall McDougall fill?

Masse: He's going to play a little bit of second base, third, and get some time at short here and there. He's one of those guys who has always had pretty good numbers wherever he's been. He's been in Triple-A for the past couple of years, but it's just a situation where we just had too many players at Triple-A -- a lot of infielders, and he just had to come down here to get at-bats. It says something that the organization still thinks highly of him, otherwise they wouldn't send him down here to get at-bats.

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