Colt Hynes has the formula

San Diego Padres prospect Colt Hynes has been successful everywhere he has gone. He credits preparation, his arm angle, and confidence as reasons for his success.

When there is a guy on base, there is something that seems to trigger in your head where your game goes up another notch.

Colt Hynes: Anytime I have a guy on base – I am thinking double play and ground ball. Two outs with one pitch, you can't beat that. I try and stay down and use the changeup a lot to get that ground ball.

It is kind of a trigger that goes off in my head, especially in the roles they have been putting me in as far as closing and setting up when we are ahead. When someone gets on, you have to shut them down.

I should probably have that same concentration with nobody on!

You have had success everywhere you have gone – from Texas Tech to Eugene. How do you feel now in full season ball?

Colt Hynes: It feels good. There are some kinks from the winter but it is coming along. It is just a matter of being focused every time you throw a ball. That does not always happen.

What kind of advantage is it for you with your arm angle?

Colt Hynes: I think I get more movement than normal – I think that is totally on the arm angle. That is the reason I moved down there, actually. I was always too flat and they moved me down to three-quarters and I got some movement.

I have never seen it from behind home plate but I am sure from a lefties point of view it looks like it is coming more behind them.

You have that two-seamer which has the run on left-handers. What do you have to throw against righties and how do you attack them differently?

Colt Hynes: I pretty much do the same thing and work the two-seam down and away. When they start diving out over the plate, I throw the four-seamer or slider to keep them honest. Changing speeds and mixing it up.

Do you feel like righties got the best of you in the past?

Colt Hynes: At times, yeah. I can always tell. If I give up a couple of hits in a row, most of the guys are diving out over the plate to the two-seam. That is when I will start coming back inside to keep them honest.

How difficult is it to keep yourself mechanically sound? That release point is critical and for you it could be slightly different every time.

Colt Hynes: It is tough. I try and do some dry work and towel work two or three times a week to keep it sharp. If it not on you will know, which we saw the other day – it wasn't the best day.

If it is not there, the ball flattens out and gets hit pretty hard.

You gave up a single homer last season. Is that one of your measures of success?

Colt Hynes: No. If you looked at the stats from (Texas) Tech, I gave up a lot of homers. I would say last year the thing I was most proud of was getting the job done most of the time I went in. Put all the numbers aside – I feel like I gave our team a chance to win most of the time that I came into a game.

What will be a successful 2008 season then for Colt Hynes?

Colt Hynes: Whatever role – doing that and helping us win. I want to win a championship. I hadn't won one since I was 12 years old. That would be a successful season.

You carry around a book and jot some stuff in there after an outing. What are you writing in there?

Colt Hynes: Go back through and write your pitch sequences or take notes on hitters through the game – if they are out on their front foot, how they look on certain pitches. Most of the time after a game, if things don't go as I had planned, I will go back and change something but if things go well and how I prepared, I stick with it.

You have meetings before games – what do you learn there that you can take onto the field?

Colt Hynes: A lot of it is more of a mental approach and how to handle failure – keeping yourself in the ball game when you don't have your best stuff. You will have your best stuff five times out of a whole year. The biggest thing is when times are going bad, they talk a lot about still staying within yourself and not trying to throw 95 when you throw 85.

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