Josh Geer draws on past success

You can't blame Josh Geer for drawing upon the success of the 2007 season and taking it forward into 2008. He was, after all, the Texas League Pitcher of the Year.

What was the experience of big league camp like and what did you take away from the experience?

Josh Geer: I learned a lot. I got to be around the big leaguers and see how they go about their ways; see how they prepare for practice and games. I got to talk with Maddux and his philosophies of the game and how he goes about it. I learned a lot.

Did you go in there with a couple of questions that you wanted to ask someone specifically?

Josh Geer: Not really. The main thing was I wanted to see what they did in their spare time. What do they do before the stretch, etc. I did not really have any specific questions.

You had a great year in 2007. How do you carry that over and achieve the same success this season?

Josh Geer: Coming off a good year – I couldn't see me doing any better – it is probably tough to repeat. I want to stay consistent again. Stay strong at the beginning and the end of the season and hopefully it comes around again. That is what I am preparing for again, going through the same things I did last year and trying to do the same.

Spring Training and even early in the year is a time to tinker a little bit. Is there something you are working on?

Josh Geer: Right now, I am trying to develop a cutter/slider. I am trying to develop that for my arsenal. Working on that in games – it is coming along pretty well so far. I am trying to get hitters thinking about that rather than just the changeup, which I usually throw.

How will that pitch help you and is it specific to a lefty or righty?

Josh Geer: Mainly for a righty. I still throw it to lefties, coming in on their hands, but mainly to a righty, letting them know that there is something that will go away from them rather than coming into them.

When you look back at the end of the 2008 season, what will be a successful season for you when you look back?

Josh Geer: This year, I want to get to the big league team. I am looking to having another solid season and getting a shot at the big league team.

A lot of the success you attributed to last season was pitching inside. How did that come about? Did it simply click one day where you saw yourself pitching away far too much?

Josh Geer: I think Abby (pitching coach Glenn Abbott) said it. We were pitching in Frisco one day and they were leaning over the plate, waiting for it, because I wasn't coming in at all. Right there, after we had that conversation, it clicked. ‘I have to use both sides of the plate.' You go inside and it gets them off the plate and they quit leaning on the outside pitch, and then you can use both sides of the plate. The whole plate is a pitcher's plate.

Keep hitters off-balance. That is the key point right there. It finally came to me.

Was it instant?

Josh Geer: Yea, it pretty much just clicked. I started throwing inside and was thinking, ‘This really works. I can throw outside now without them leaning out over the plate.'

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