Brian Myrow looks for a repeat performance

PORTLAND, OR- Brian Myrow, 2007 PCL batting champion, has continued his success at the plate in 2008. Through his first twenty games this season, he has seven multi-hit games, three of which are three hit performances. Matching last year's offensive output will prove to be difficult, but success can be measured in different ways.

Winning a batting title obviously takes discipline at the plate and you are off to a good start this year. To what do you attribute your ability to stay focused at the plate?

"I don't know, I look at pitches sometimes, sometimes I feel that I can't hit them. Sometimes I foul off too many pitches; it is easier for a guy too walk that fouls off pitches than a guy that swings and puts the ball in play every time. I attribute it to that, I just try to swing at strikes and try to put a pitch in play."

Conventional wisdom would say that left-handed batters would be hitting right-handed pitchers better than a lefty, but you are hitting lefties well this year.

"It is still early in the season, but last year I was about even. In my career, usually lefties have given me more trouble than right-handers have. It is just the way it has worked out so far this year; I'm sure it will even out over the year."

I noticed in reading your bio, that you played some games in the Korean Professional Leagues. What was that like? Is there a noticeable difference between playing International Baseball vs. American Baseball?

"It was good competition very similar to Japan. I would say it is a level down from Japan but it was good competition and good baseball. The difference was that the strike zone was much bigger. Well for me and the other American guys it was."

When you reflect back at the end of this 2008 season, how will you measure your success?

"Well, I would say that a repeat of last year would be a stretch. It was my best offensive year of my career; I would like to have a good season. A good season would be hitting over .300, drive in a few runs, hit some homeruns, and have an On-Base-Percentage of around .400; I would consider that a successful season for me."

Brian Myrow has started on his way to a repeat of his offensive output in 2007. Through his first twenty games, he has seven multi-hit games, three of which are three-hit performances with a batting average of .315. In 2007, he hit a rough patch in May but recovered to have a strong second half of the season. By the looks of his play this year, he has a chance to outdo himself in 2008.

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