Movement a part of life in the minors

PORTLAND, OR- The constant flux of players on a minor league team is not uncommon. Through the first month of the season the Portland Beavers have seen many players come and go.

Infielder Marshall McDougall started the season in Portland, was sent down to Double-A San Antonio, and is now a Beaver once again. Relief pitcher Kevin Cameron was recently called up by the Padres, and just in the past week infielder Oscar Robles was claimed off waivers by the Philadelphia Phillies and pitcher Clay Hensley arrived to continue his rehab assignment.

I asked manager Randy Ready how he deals with the constant changes.

I'm sure you're used to players coming and going. Do you have backup plans ready if the Padres call and say and they're calling up someone?

Randy Ready: In the perfect world you'd say yes, most definitely. In our game we sometimes have to mix and match a little bit. We've got some guys that are interchangeable as far as our position players, which helps. We've got the flexibility there. In our game when you have movement like that unless guys are ready to step right in, guys aren't promoted, then we just make do with what we got.

Is there a limit to how many players the Padres can take? Could they call and say we want these five guys?

Randy Ready: They could but that would happen very rarely. It's not uncharacteristic to call up a couple guys at a time. At some point our roster is going to be light with some open spots just because when they're in need they're not going to go without twenty-five guys. That's part of the deal, we're here to support them because everyone knows it's about the major league club having success and having enough guys.

If a player or two comes down who you're not quite familiar with, do you call someone or hop on the Internet to see what kind of game they have?

Randy Ready: In our organization we're in constant communication so when we have player movement either from above or below or even promotions, managers are in contact, hitting coaches are in contact. If it's a pitcher that's being moved – promoted or demoted – the pitching coach is contacted. There's constant communication [with regards to] where they're at and where we're going to plug them in to have success.

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