Cold weather keeps fans inside

PORTLAND, OR- With the weather in Portland taking its time to get better, the crowds at PGE Park to see the Beavers hasn't reached its normal heights, as fewer fans have braved the frigid conditions.

The Beavers traditionally draw well and that will undoubtedly be the case once the weather begins to cooperate. I asked a few players how they felt about the crowd size.

First of all, do even notice the crowds?

Craig Stansberry: If there's a large crowd it definitely adds to the atmosphere of the game, it's just a fact of life, if you have a crowd that's into it. The crowd's definitely a part of the game. Obviously the weather's bad and it's tough right now. The crowds will come out this summer, it'll be good here I'm sure.

Brian Myrow: You can hear specific people when there's not that many people there, individual people.

Nick Hundley: Not really. It's different for me catching because I'm not facing the stands. I don't look too much. But the biggest difference is if there's not too many people you can hear what they're saying and that kind of gets old. Obviously, it's nice to play in front of bigger crowds but it's tough to ask people to come out when it's 30 and raining.

Ever been distracted by something someone said?

Hundley: You hear it but you kind of tune it out. Sometimes you laugh but other than that it doesn't affect you.

Would you rather play in front of a big crowd even if it was on the road?

Hundley: I think I'd rather play in front of a bigger crowd, definitely.

Myrow: Probably. I guess it depends where you're at, how hostile the crowd is.

Stansberry: I don't mind a hostile crowd, it kind of gets you going sometimes.

In front of a slightly bigger crowd Friday night, the Beavers beat the New Orleans Zephyrs to win for the fifth time in six games. Myrow drove in two runs and Stansberry's pinch-hit two-run homerun in the eighth inning proved to be the difference in the victory.

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