Hundley's preparation all in the notes

PORTLAND, OR- After a solid season with Double-A San Antonio last year, catcher Nick Hundley started off this season with the Beavers slowly.

But lately he's shown signs that his slump might be coming to and end. After beginning the year with a .184 average across his first 27 games, Nick Hundley has begun to turn the corner.

Over his last 10 games, Hundley is hitting .308 with four home runs and nine RBIs while scoring seven runs. Showing solid defensive skills throughout the season, Hundley's progress at the plate could be a precursor to a trip to San Diego.

Continuing the series Ben Mason started about whether each player writes down notes in a journal, I asked Hundley about his game preparation.

Do you keep a notebook on pitchers you face?

Nick Hundley: Yeah, you try to keep track of the guys. You're facing so many different guys, it's tough to keep that in your head. So you see a starter again you kind of know how he worked you and what his stuff does and just write little things about him that you noticed.

Do you update the notes after each game or is it only something memorable?

Nick Hundley: Yeah, one day you might face a starter and he has his good stuff going, and his stuff's a little sharper and you might face him a week later and he doesn't have the same bite on his breaking stuff. You'll definitely write that stuff in there and try to keep track of them.

Has the notebook helped you in your game preparation?

Nick Hundley: Yeah, huge. You have to take all the advantages you can in this game.

Is the plan to continue it once you reach the major leagues?

Nick Hundley: I bet they got a lot more video and stuff so it's a little more high-tech than the notebook, but I'm not sure, I've never been up there [laughs]. But yeah, I would definitely keep it.

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