Padres Draft Interview: Dan Robertson

Dan Robertson has been considered a gamer everywhere he goes. His infectious personality and hard-nosed playing style have earned him praise. He now hopes to bring the same energy to the San Diego Padres minor league system.

Talk about being drafted by the San Diego Padres and the wait to hear your name called.

Dan Robertson: I was a little nervous for a while but you know how that is. I am going to celebrate and go eat Taco Bell. I still have that college money.

I don't think it changes much in the minors.

Dan Robertson: True, but at least you have consistent pay. In college, you never know when you are going to get money. It is kind of like when you hit a home run – it is a surprise.

How many surprises did you have last year - two?

Dan Robertson: Yea, I only had two. I seem to make it an annual thing. Three years in a row now I have had two surprises each year.

Did you see your name first and then they called you?

Dan Robertson: No, I had been watching for about the first 25 rounds. It was between the Padres and the Red Sox and the Red Sox had been making some picks where I didn't know what was going on since I was talking to them. They made a pick and you do the thing when you are nervous where I decided I wasn't going to watch it anymore and I shut the computer.

My scout texted me and asked if I was watching it on my computer and I said, ‘I was but I shut it off about 45 minutes ago.'

He goes, ‘Well, you better get to it.'

I was at a buddies house and sprinted upstairs. I wasn't in time and then he called me all nonchalant. ‘How are you doing?'

‘I am doing fine.'

‘Are you ready to be a Padre?'

I just started laughing. Right as I am looking at my name on the draft board, I get a text from our first baseman who went to the Tigers two picks before me – ‘I went higher' with a smiley face.

It was a great feeling. To finally get a call on something I have been waiting for my whole life.

Then, Mitch (Canham) gave me a call about 15 minutes after it happened.

Now, did you know Mitch before because you transferred?

Dan Robertson: I didn't know Mitch at all. He showed up a few times in the fall and I introduced myself to him and congratulated him for everything he did. He came to a couple of games in the spring and there was a little acquaintance, a little friendship where I knew him. After this, I am pretty sure which me coming back to finish school and him coming back up here I am sure it will be good.

It must be nice to have someone you can pull information from and get some expectations.

Dan Robertson: Exactly. And Keoni Ruth – we went to Concordia together. I got two – I am lucky.

Have they spoken to you about where they want you to start?

Dan Robertson: I talked to Andrew Salvo and he will be letting me know where I will be going and when he is coming back – so I can shake the man's hand who signed me.

What is the strength of your game and how do you fit into this game of baseball?

Dan Robertson: I always pride myself on defense, no matter what happens on the offensive side. I run fairly well and hit for average. I like to think I have a plus arm in the outfield. It is tough for me to describe my game because I am a humble guy. I don't really like talking about myself.

When it comes to being nervous during the draft, I knew I was good enough to play at the next level.

Maybe my hustle as well. I hustle everywhere. That is something good to describe me because I am not good at describing myself.

You stole eight bags this past season. You mentioned having some speed and some hustle. Does that mean being more aggressive and taking more bags in the future?

Dan Robertson: Well, the funny thing is I just played in two organizations – Oregon State and Concordia – where our coaches prided themselves on their outs. I was co-MVP of our summer league in the Northwest League and it was there where I broke the stolen base mark when I stole 45 bags. The year before I stole 33-of-36.

It was just playing under the coaches' specifications. Yea, I always wanted to run. If they didn't want me to run, I wouldn't run. That was the name of their game. I think me being able to go to the next level, it will be another area for me to showcase the things I can do.

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