Padres Prospect Interview: Brad Brach

Brad Brach headed to Arizona to begin his professional career in the San Diego Padres system. A control pitcher, he has command of five – count them, five – pitches.

What was the feeling being drafted by the San Diego Padres and where do you go from here?> Brad Brach: I go out to Arizona and will give my all and work my hardest – do everything I have been doing up until this point and hope it all works out.

One of the things that was mentioned to me by several scouts was your changeup was a plus pitch and you would throw any pitch in any count.

Brad Brach: I don't have the fastest fastball but can throw five pitches for strikes in any count. I am a control pitcher. I won't light up any radar guns. I top out at 91 MPH.

Five pitches? That seems like a lot. Is it too many?

Brad Brach: I think it is the right number as long you can throw them for strikes and as long as you are confident in them, then you can have 10.

You are a guy, based on what you are saying, are you looking for contact early in the count and a ground ball?

Brad Brach: I try to move the ball in and out and try and get guys to put the ball on the ground and put the ball in play to let the defense do their job. I am not looking for the strikeout. When I get them, they are nice but am not looking for the strikeout.

Is there a particular pitch, like the changeup, that you only throw to lefties and another one reserved for righties?

Brad Brach: Not really. I feel confident to throw the changeup on both sides of the plate. I know a lot of righties like to throw the changeup to lefty hitters, but I feel confident to throw the changeup to righties and lefties. The slider is pretty much an out pitch against righties.

What is it about the game of baseball you love so much?

Brad Brach: Everything. The competitiveness, the team bonding. Ever since I was a little kid I loved everything about it. I love being on the mound. I am not a guy who likes attention but when I am on the mound I figure it out and love being out there every time I get the opportunity.

Did you have a favorite player growing up and what was it about him that made that player stick out?

Brad Brach: My favorite player growing up was Cal Ripken. When I was younger, I played the infield. I loved watching the way he played.

My favorite team was the New York Mets but now it is definitely the Padres.

Is there someone at the major league level who your game resembles?

Brad Brach: I would have to say a Greg Maddux without as much movement as he has. Maddux in terms of trying to force bad contact, attacking hitters, ane keeping his pitch contact down.

A lot of that has to do with the mental aspect of the game. If that is not right, it would seem that you are just going to leave everything up in the zone.

Brad Brach: It is all about being able to stay focused. If you make a bad pitch, you have to come back and make a better one. You can't live in the past.

What do you look forward to now that you are headed into professional baseball?

Brad Brach: I honestly don't know what to expect. I am just excited to get the opportunity. I have been dreaming about this ever since I was a little kid. It is awesome to get the opportunity and I am excited for everything to come. I can't wait to get started.

Is there an area of your game that needs to be improved as you enter the next level?

Brad Brach: Definitely my breaking ball. I need to work on that. That is what I need to improve as I move along.

Are you someone who would be considered clean mechanically?

Brad Brach: I think so. I can see some mechanical flaws. I kind of throw against my body at times. I think I need to improve that too.

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