Padres Prospect Interview: Andrew Parrino

Andrew Parrino may not have had a position that he could call his when the season began, but the Midwest League All-Star makes the most of his time – seeing action at three positions on the infield diamond for the Fort Wayne Wizards.

You have seen time everywhere on the field, been on the bench at times, and been plugged into the lineup in different spots. How has it been for you this year?

Andrew Parrino: My role has been coming in wherever I am needed and having good at-bats and playing good defense. It is tough to sit on the bench.

I worked with Tony Muser a lot early in the season to look for a pitch and if you get it to do something with it.

You came out in January to work with hitting instructor Jim Lefebvre. Can you talk about how that helped setup your season and what you took away from it?

Andrew Parrino: I came out early and worked with Lefebvre for a few days. He knows so much about the game. Just talking to him you learn so much. He had a few different drills that I have never heard of or done before. I worked with him on those drills and worked with (Bob) Skube a lot. It was nice getting out there and working in the warm weather and not in eight feet of snow.

What was it that they were teaching you and you took away?

Andrew Parrino: Waiting for my pitch and being selective – cutting down on my strikeouts and getting a few more walks. So far, it has gone pretty well. We also worked on my two-strike approach to put the ball in play and make the defense make some plays.

Last year you had times when it appeared that you were overswinging. Is that accurate that you were almost swinging too hard?

Andrew Parrino: Yeah, when I saw my pitch a year ago, I got over anxious and over swung a little bit. This year, I have tried to stay back a little more and not try and do too much. Stay within my ability and know my ability – get on for the big guys to drive me in.

You hit better against right-handers than you do against left-handees. Have you ever considered sticking with one side rather than both?

Andrew Parrino: My numbers are always like that because we face so many more righties. I am still switch-hitting and I am going to stick with it until the bosses tell me to change.

How difficult is it to maintain two different swings?

Andrew Parrino: All the guys give me a bunch of heck for it. Some guys talk about splitting their rounds during BP but if anything you have to double your rounds. You can't just take half your round each way. You need to take double as a switch-hitter.

What is going to be a successful campaign the rest of the year?

Andrew Parrino: Playing wherever they want me, getting in the lineup everyday, and helping the team get to the playoffs. Producing when I get the chance.

You have played multiple positions this season for Fort Wayne. Would it be nice to have a defined role?

Andrew Parrino: It would be nice but right now I can help the team by playing across the infield, including third base. Second, short and third – whatever they need. Third is a little bit different with the angles but most of it is the same – fielding a ground ball and throwing him out at first.

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