The interesting journey of Brian Myrow

Portland Beavers first baseman Brian Myrow is having another stellar season. After leading the team in batting average last year – and winning the PCL batting title in the process – Myrow has continued his success this season.

To say he's had an interesting career is an understatement. In nine years, he's played at nearly every level from an independent league all the way up to the majors. He's played all over North America from Tampa to Winnipeg, from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon.

But Myrow's most interesting assignment might have been one not in the Western Hemisphere. In 2006, he played for the Lotte Giants of the Korean Professional Baseball League. I asked him what that experience was like.

First of all, what led to you playing in Korea?

Brian Myrow: The team in Korea called the Dodgers, the Dodgers called my agent and asked if I was interested. I was still on the roster at the time but they had pretty much cleaned house, they fired the GM and the manager and they hired a new manager and signed (Nomar) Garciaparra to play first, and I knew they had (James) Loney in Double-A. So, I felt like they had a bunch of good guys coming out of camp. If I didn't make the big league club, I was going to be struggling for time and so I was afraid I was going to get released after spring training because they were pretty full as it was. I decided to go ahead and go to Korea and then if I had success there, great, and if not I could always come back and be a free agent and that's what happened.

What kind of experience did you have?

Brian Myrow: It was different; everything's a little different. The baseball's competitive there. They take it very seriously, the fans are real good. They get pretty good crowds.

What were your living conditions like?

Brian Myrow: I had a three-bedroom apartment. My wife went with me and my son and it was about a two dollar cab ride to the field. I ate Korean food sometimes. If I didn't want to, they just paid for whatever I ate. They had McDonald's, they had Pizza Hut. I would usually eat at Outback, TGIFridays, or something like that.

Did a lot of people speak English?

Brian Myrow: Nobody really spoke English, I had an interpreter to help translate. Some of the stuff got mixed up, some of the baseball terms got crossed in the translation but other than that it was okay.

Would you consider playing there again?

Brian Myrow: I would probably go back if the situation came up again. If I was at that point of my career I think I would go back again.

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