Eugene Emeralds Notebook: A mixed bag

EUGENE, OR-- Beamer Weems works out at second base but does not play. There is a new addition to the starting rotation for the Emeralds. Tyson Bagley is a starter with a reliever's mentality. Manager Greg Riddoch is looking forward to Monday. Dan Robertson continues a torrid pace and attributes it to having fun. Also, an update on the injury status of Edinson Rincon.

  • As has been the tradition throughout the San Diego Padres system, Beamer Weems will see time at second base besides his traditional role as a shortstop.

    Weems, who many have considered a slick fielder, took repetitions with roving infield instructor Gary Jones on Sunday. He worked on his pivot towards the bag along with his balance. Beams seemed comfortable ranging to his left and making a quick hop to put himself in position to throw the ball back to second base.

    Jones instructed him on the finer points of the position, "Have a good, wide base. You will be in better position to throw the ball and have better balance."

    One constant point of emphasis was not straying too far from the second base bag with a runner on first. While the natural tendency is to shift slightly towards first to cover the gap made by the first baseman holding the runner, the keystone could put himself out of the play on a ground ball to shortstop.

    "If you are too far away, now you will have a hard time getting to the base in time to turn a double play," Jones said. "You need to beat the ball there on a ball hit to the shortstop."

  • Pablo Menchaca has been reinserted into the starting rotation after a brief stint as a reliever. He will replace Gary Poynter, called up from Arizona to take over the starting reigns. Poynter will move to the pen.

    The right-hander made two relief appearances while the Emeralds went through two trips through the rotation. In 6.2 innings, Menchaca allowed only one hit and a walk while fanning six and picking up his first win of the season.

  • Eugene entered Sunday tied for the team lead in homers with 22, keeping pace with Yakima. Unlike Yakima, who have seen one player hit half of their homers, eight players have gone yard with four players netting three or more. Angel Mercado leads the club with six bombs and Sawyer Carroll is second with four.
  • Tyson Bagley worked exclusively out of the stretch on Sunday and did not use the windup. A former closer for Dallas Baptist, he began this season in relief before getting handed a starter's spot.

    "I am going to stick to the stretch because it is the best feel for me," Bagley said. "I started going to the windup in the pen."

    The Emeralds came back twice in the contest but wound up losing in the top of the ninth on a two-run homer.

    "It is never good when you don't win but that is baseball," Bagley said.

    "Nice ball game," manager Greg Riddoch said. "We break up a no-no and come back twice. We come back again only to lose it. The first two weeks we did that quite a bit.

    "We cant put all the bells and whistles on the same song. Once we do that for nine innings we will have a better shot at it. That is why it is a wonderful game – you don't ever think you can predict what is going to happen. The best thing – we don't wait like basketball for three days and we don't wait for Sunday like football. Tomorrow, we strap it on."

  • Dan Robertson had two more hits on Sunday and is second in the Northwest League in hitting. Not a high round pick, the outfielder is playing with hustle and determination. He was almost sent to Arizona to begin the year before ending up with the Emeralds.

    "Being aggressive," Robertson said of his success. "There were a lot of things I had to do going from metal to wood – adjustments I had to make. At the same time, I am coming out and having fun everyday. I think that is giving me a chance to relax at the plate."

  • Other Notes:

    Edinson Rincon has missed the start of the season with a knee injury that required rather extensive surgery. He is expected to be ready for the Padres Instructional League and there is hope that they can get him into the lineup in Arizona sometime in August but the brass are taking a cautious approach with the talented young prospect.

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