Padres Prospect Interview: Will Inman

SAN ANTONIO, TX: Will Inman breezed through much of the season before seeing some struggles over the past few outings. Reflecting in a journal on the good times, he hopes that brings back the dominance we saw for much of the summer.

Coming into this season, you felt recharged in spring training and were ready for the long haul. How do you feel now and has it gone the way you expected?

Will Inman: It is going good. I feel really good. My last couple of outings were a little shaky but you will have some tough ones in there. I started out good – I am not going to say better than I expected – but I think I have been doing really well and am happy with myself. I am trying to keep it going through the end of the year.

One thing the Padres have seemed to stress more this season is keeping runners close at first base and speeding up the delivery to home. Has that affected you at all?

Will Inman: Last year, it was a big thing for me. This year, I have mixed up my delivery a little bit anyway. I am 1.3 or 1.2 to the plate. It hasn't really been a big issue for me.

Is it a conscious thing where you feel like you are slow or maybe even rushing to compensate?

Will Inman: Last year it was. When you are on the mound, the last thing you want to do is rush. It is not that big a deal. The main thing is to keep them off the bases because then you don't even have to worry about it. If you get a speedy guy on first, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. You can hold the ball, throw over 100 times to wear him out or just trust your catcher and that you will get a decent time to the plate to throw him out.

You mentioned struggling over the last couple of outings. Is there something you can pinpoint?

Will Inman: Shaky – a couple of outings where I didn't feel good. My fastball location was a little up. My last time out I walked four – that was a joke. In an outing versus Frisco – a great team – earlier in the year, I wasn't feeling that great either. I did a decent job there but they kept fouling off pitches. I think I only walked one with six or seven punchouts. I was getting guys 1-2 and threw eight pitches and couldn't put them away. I didn't have stuff go my way that outing. My last outing – I didn't pitch well – in a nutshell. You are going to have those days.

Are you a guy who keeps a journal on the opposition?

Will Inman: Yes, I keep a journal. It has some baseball stuff and it has some life stuff in there too. It is a daily thing.

Is that something that helps clear your mind and take your thoughts away from the game?

Will Inman: Yes, it does at some points. I do it for the fact that I realize I won't remember this all one day and I want to remember some of it.

When I am doing well and in a rhythm pitching, I write about how I feel because that way when I have shaky ones I can go back and read and bring myself together to get me back on pace.

I write about the opposition sometimes but it is more of an everyday thing – I don't really think about what I am putting in there. Sometimes it goes. Some days it might be two or three sentences and some days it might be two or three pages.

How much communication is there going back and forth between yourself and other pitchers about the particular lineup of the day

Will Inman: We do sometimes. It seems that everyone one of us, even though most of us are righties – we all throw different pitches. We all throw different ways.

You have Buschmann who is 80 percent fastball but cuts it and sinks it. Faris cuts his fastball. I am more of a straight guy, up and down and side to side. Ekstrom is side to side with that nasty slider. It is tough but we talk before each series about how we are going to go about it.

But, you have to pitch to your strengths. That is the big thing we key on and we are doing pretty well. We pitch to our strengths. ‘The guy takes fastballs away' – well, that is a pitch we throw for strikes as a team so obviously we go there. Pitch to our strengths and not so much to their weaknesses.

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